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Spriter Pro.
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Play Video “It’s very exciting to see something like Spriter available to more game developers.” Nick Wozniak Yacht Club Games (Shovel Knight) “Seriously awesome job on the editor.” Tuomas Erikoinen Lead Artist of Angry Birds “All the heavy work has been done.
All you have to focus on is being creative.
” Dan Fessler Art Director-Zynga Why we love Spriter.
Save Time.
Whether you are an experienced game design artist or an aspiring game maker, you will be able to spend far less time tweaking and polishing your game art if you are using Spriter since it will allow you to reuse just a handful of modular images.
Instant Iteration.
If it becomes necessary to change your game character’s head you will only need to change a small handful of head images because the image modules are set up to be used across all animation s and frames.
Custom Tweaking.
You will find it much easier to make tweaks that might become necessary during gameplay testing.
Spriter also makes it very easy for the professional game artist to deal with whatever tweaks the designer needs to make.
Unlimited Character Variations.
Not only does Spriter allow for fast and painless creation of alternate characters based on the data from another character, it’s also the ultimate way to allow characters to change equipment, weapons, etc.
during the adventure .
Spriter Runtime Implementation s.
Use your Spriter animation files directly in your games to benefit from silky smooth tweened animations that take a fraction of the memory.
Suddenly customizable player characters and smoothly animated giant on-screen bosses are a breeze.
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Free Version.
Spriter Pro.
Free VersionSpriter Pro $ 0 $ 59 99 Use PNG images or Spritesheets to animateAnimate with bones or by controlling images directlyAdjust pivot points for each imageScale and rotate any object per frameSet the opacity of any object per frameBasic easing featuresAdvanced easing curve optionsCreate multiple “entities” (animation sets) per fileOnion skinning to see previous and up-coming key-framesBasic IK (inverse kinematics) supportFull IK support and IK locking (forward kinematics)Use animations within animations to make complex scenes easilyAdvanced automated control features for animations within animationsCreate character variations by swapping image sets (Character maps)Trigger and preview sound effects at any point in the timelineLip-sync via PapagayoExport animations as PNG images, strips, sheets or Gif AnimationsAdd custom watermarks while exporting images or Gifs Automatically import sequential images as animated spritesCreate named collision rectangles per frameCreate named action points per frame and set their angleCreate horizontal and vertical guidelines on the canvasLock or hide individual objects to protect or hide things as you workSet “animated” variables for your character anywhere in the timelineCreate “Triggers” anywhere in the timeline to initiate actions in-gameSet “Tags” to any part of the timeline to designate “state changes”Merge separate Spriter projects into one (Great for teams making games)Powerful custom color palette swapping feature for indexed color mode imagesAuto update detectionAuto save featureOver 260 Free Spriter Animations (for use in your games royalty free)DownloadBuy Now.