Beast Mask Tutorial with barb wire and Ellimorph only!

Beast Mask Tutorial with barb wire and Ellimorph only!.
By macsmoser  | December 1, 2016 Tweet Time for some epic beast mask madness!.

In this episode we create a very intense mask with just Ellimorph Plastic

colours and a home made barb wire.

The Barb Wire Beast Mask Tutorial can also be followed and recreated using papier mache

tin foil or other methods.
The approach is very simple; prepare a whole bunch of beastly teeth and then proceed to create a mask outline out of Ellimorph Plastic.
Attach all your teeth and start building more on to your mask as you see fit.
Top it all of with a nice paint job and some barb wire.
If you follow the Barb Wire Beast Mask Tutorial to the letter you will end up with one very epic mask, that you can re-use over and over again.
If you use different colours and a little imagination you can use this tutorial to create masks as those seen i the Mad Max: Fury Road movie.

So open your mind and turn this Barb Wire Beast Mask into your very own creation

If you like creating stuff with Ellimorph we really recommend you checking out our Twisty The Clown Mask Tutorial right here on youtube.
That to is created using just ellimorph plastic and some paint.
It also comes with a super gory tutorial to get that nasty clown look going.
Did you like the video.
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Take your SFX makeup to the next level

Get your Ellimorph Plastic and Ellimorph Dust at today with prices starting at $4.99 and we offer worldwide shipping.
For more Ellimacs SFX madness check out: @ellimacsSFX on Instagram @ellimacsSFX on Twitter Ellimacs SFX Live streaming on Twitch Join us on Facebook.
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Emily smith Beauty blog ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????.
Tha Don and the award for the cutest studdering ever on youtube goes to.
Isabella Romero Amazing.
Mike Janson Nice.
G M can you do the babadook???.
CJ Crosswell glad to see I’m not the only one who read barb wire breast.
Duh_its_ Izzy ????????I luv ur video????????their AMAZING????????PLZ REPLY???????? ellimacs sfx makeup Thanks Melanie.
😀 So happy to hear you like them <3. dani *nosebleed* Thats a nice dress ellis wearing in the intro. Kiss and Kill makeup Ellie you should check out glam and gore. Olivia Rose where do you get your paint and what brand is it. Mercedes Sutton What's the song in the introduction .
Emoji World nice products.
Danyah Cc girl I luv this keep it up cutie.
Holly Ann Dupris where do you get elimiph plastic ellimacs sfx makeup You get it at :).
Caryn I feel like the barbed wire doesn’t really belong.
it just doesn’t feel like it adds anything and is out of place.
ellimacs sfx makeup Well, we talked about it and first we kinda figured we should have it dirty, like rust or something.
But it looks kinda cool with the “bling” factor of the clean one so we kept it.
But yeah, I can totally see where you’re coming from :).
TheDemonLilith Idea.
Y’all should do something from Carmilla Carmilla turns into a cat so maybe you could use that 0u0.
Lady Cheshire Hey.
Could you please do some kind of cosplay.
Maybe from league of legends.
It would be awesome ????❤️.
Nicole Seabolt I love your videos so much hey always inspire me.
Instagram: nicolesfxmakeup.
Pearl Jaym I wish I could upload a pic I’d show you the monster I turned my nephew into with Elliemorph plastic.
he won first place at the costume party.
ellimacs sfx makeup Send it to [email protected] or tag us @ellimacssfx on instagram.
yokai Hey, great vid.
But what runny blood do you recommend/use and what clotted blood do you recommend/use.
Thx have a great day.
Larissa wiseley could ye do the grinch next.
School christmas party soon so i wanna look class ellimacs sfx makeup We actually did the grinch last year (our version) Scroll back in our videos =).
Aldana Costamagna I can’t wait to put it in my movie.
Gilbert Rizk i used Ur techniques to do fake teeth for this Halloween!.
and it really worked !.
thank you.
im gonna buy more ellimorph plastic soon ❤️ Gilbert Rizk ellimacs sfx makeup thank you Soo much!.
ellimacs sfx makeup So glad it worked out for you.
We’re always happy to help making your creations reality.
Gilbert Rizk I’m gonna try the ellimorph dust for sure !.
can’t wait !.
Fallout Boy omg liksom, so fuckinggg fabules ellimacs sfx makeup Jag vet liksom, hallå :P.
i quit YouTube take down my channel dying light night Hunter tutorial.
Lauren Jackson You guys should do the White Martian from Supergirl season 1 episode 11: ellimacs sfx makeup Yeah, looks epic.
JDM Damn Elli.
Hella gorgeous in the intro.
Brooke Rivas Is she pregnant or nah.
MystticEcecho I love the art you do I do the same thing but I do not record it because my phone is to small but yea I love your videos.
ShirinGFit This channel is just amazing i love it thank you so much for these cool sfx videos i love making and watching other artists creations.
Dark-wing2 im gonna cosplay Mei from the game Overwatch and i cant wait to get my Ellimorph so i can make her hair pin.
Günter das Einhorn hey kan you make a tokio guhl mask ??.
Vascolly FD Hi, can you please do something like Kalista mask from League of Legends.
Like with big long horns.
Love you guys.
<3 xoxo. Makeup By Taylor Your top is so cute in your intro where did you get it. Silas Vaughn I'm not asking for a shoutout so please don't think I am, but I would like it if you would visit my instagram because I do some character paints all freehanded.

Its SilasVladimir so if you would check it out I’d really enjoy it

I’m not asking for anything more than I view

I HAVE TO HAVE IT!!!!!!!!.
Joseph DePaulo Can you guys do the makeup that was done for Steven yeun for Glenn in twd when began first hit him with the bat.
ya know when he said MAGGIE I WILL FIND YOU.
NiKcKuCosplay Really cool video 😀 For my cosplays I used often “Worblas Deco Art”, but it´s only in white.
Do you know it.
It hink this are the same “bubbles” :-).
Illustrious Cabbage You can tip cut wire with a bit of clear liquid latex to make sure you don’t cut yourself on it.
Kimberly Dawn McKinney I really do love this, plus the added bonus of the powders coming.

.can’t wait because I love Ellimorph already

Not sure if I’m crazy about the twine to tie it on though I do appreciate the reuseability of it.
Thanks again for another great tutorial.
Kimberly Dawn McKinney And I love your top, too.
KT Hart how does one get a shout out.
Rebecca M.
isn’t elimorph dust just like flocking powder.
Emilia E totally pregnant.
Urtzi Urizar genial, increíble, asombroso, muy chulo.
Eva Konen what’s the matter with her.
:’D Mary Phantomhive what’s the matter.
TuukiChan Again: TOKYO GHOULL.
Am i the only one wo tought tokyo ghoul when i saw this.
FishyFaust MissSnow nope me too.
tt animal lover are you going to have a baby please reply.
lily Barr That is so cool.
hithereimnobody I used ellimorph (no idea if I spelled that right) to make it look like spkkes were growing out of my back.
Lotte van de Ven i really love your videos but please put on a normal shirt.
lululuna videos Huh.

I could’ve sworn it said “Barb Wire BREAST Mask”

Paul Schwenk Your the best.
Romaikeslife It can’t just be me who read “Barb” and thought there was going to be another Stranger Things tutorial ava fulton Romaikeslife yup and it kinda reminds me of the demogorgan.
ruben rodriguez Loving your videos.
keep up the great work.
TashieLee did anyone else notice when she turned to the side slightly there was a bump =O =D.
Franceska you’r so talented.
biiiiiig love from France ????????.
Aaliyah Pickering What’s up with all these people saying Elli is pregnant?!?!.
Aaliyah Pickering @affan ali oh snap.
affan ali EmojiGamer15 watch the devil mask video.
macs said something about a bun in the oven.
فيصل الزايدي اللي عربي لايك.
The SeaGreenFox The music and singing always makes me giggle because I think its Macs singing.
lol Eveline Maier The SeaGreenFox it really is macs ????.
Tejaswinee Bhattacharjee Pls do a disney princess gore edition.
Aliboo TV please say im not the only one ẃho read the title as barb wire breast mask tutorial.
great video tho.
Franklin Stoc Make THE woman of THE video game agony.
Tanisha Vostrikov This looks awesome.
Emina I’m so addicted to your tutorials, I really LOVE them!.
But is Elli pregnant or not.
Pastel Midget Can u try to do Tokyo ghouls mask.
MELISSA REED holy boobs.
JessiLove awesome.
Blair Witchdorf Omg when I first read the thumbnail I thought it said “barb wire breast” and I was like wtf but then I realized I’m stupid and can’t read lol.
Dani TheBear Elli is so gorgeous omgg.
I love you guys.
Jotawa Plays A Game while on the subject of barbed wire.
will you do Glenn and/or Abraham’s head wounds and Glenns popped out eye from Lucille on Walking Dead.
Ranga Gang What kind of paint did you use for colouring the teeth and gums.
Lynxcat1 It’s Emily I don’t know what paint they used, but I do know that you can remelt the plastic even after it’s painted.
Ranga Gang Also can you reuse ellimorph when it is painted.
Devin Casebeer hey guys.
I’ve been a fan of your show for awhile and it’s been a huge inspiration; which brings me to my point.

I’ve been trying to make a cyborg fabricator costume but I’m a bit out of my league

would you mind giving a new guy some hints.
Jennifer Webb thank you so much for teaching me can’t wait to try it.
(PLZ respond) ellimacs sfx makeup Don’t forget to share your creation with us so we can se how it turned out =).
joseph huston You should do a floran from starbound.

I”ve either had a lot of fail with what I”m playing

Category: Twitch.
, , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,.
Get the #BlackAFRoundTable & #BlackAFSidetable vods in one handy spot.
Aka this thread.
Don”t let these conversations be the only time folks in the #TTRPG space listen to Black creators and take us seriously, and act rather than claim we”re just complaining over nothing.
What we did was labor, both emotional and literal as we ….
, , , , , , , , ,.

So I”ve gotten a bit of press recently and wanted to share it with y”all

I was fortunate enough to be invited to Ubisoft Toronto to be part of the second Black Game Pros Mixer event in early February!  Check out some of the coverage and when the video of the panel is available Games ….
, , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,.
Here”s my current PAX Dev and PAX West panel schedule.
Will be updated with panelist and links once they go up on the PAX Site.
Who can I designate to make sure I am fed and watered that Saturday.
INDG will also be in the Diversity Lounge on the 6th floor.
I might also be ….
, , , , , , , , ,.
I’m pleased to share I’m eligible for consideration for the Hugo Awards in a few categories for works created in 2018.
I edited Game Devs & Others: Tales from the Margins a collection of essays in which POC, LGBTQIA, and other gamers with marginalized identities, shared their personal stories about what it’s like being part ….
, , ,.
I got a chance to play Thing Trunk”s Book of Demons: Dungeons and Streamers thank you to Chris Priestly at Evolve PR for providing a review key.
It”s a fun Rogue-like dungeon crawler that uses Twitch integration well.
Your viewers can help or hinder you as you make your way through each dungeon level.
, ,.
Disclosure: I was asked to use VCam by XSplit, and provided a Logitech C922 webcam + One Year Premium XSplit license.
So #Sponsored content ahead.
It”s good, I promise ???? For those of you that stream, XSplit released a green screen application, VCam that lets you have a virtual greenscreen or background image instead of ….
, , , , , , , , , , , , ,.
A tweet from @curlyfro about folks not inviting themselves along put me in the mind of convention etiquette and how that happens a lot.
Since TwitchCon is coming, have a post no one asked for.
???? First some basic stuff: Take a shower, change clothes and have gum or mints on you.
Brush your teeth, ….
, , , , ,.
So on November 12th, 2017 I got partnered on Twitch.
A year has flown by already y”all.
Still growing the channel and trying to hit some sub goals by the end of this anniversary month.

So I”m doing a sub-athon for the month of November

I”m also traveling Nov 1-4 so the subathon may start …

, , , , , , , , , , ,.
I Need Diverse Games is part of ….
, , , , , , , , ,.
Here you go, here”s where you can find me at PAX Dev & PAX West 8/28-9/3 I”m on one panel at PAX Dev  Interrogating Your Aspirations – Tuesday 8/28 3:45 pm Fifth Avenue Room Are your inspirations saying more about your work than you mean.
Are tired tropes dropping decades of baggage in your game.
, , , , , ,.
Time has snuck up on me and GenCon is around the corner.
So here”s my panel schedule.
I”ll be around the con, not currently scheduled to play any games so if you want to meet up or get food or a drink, message me via Twitter DM or other means if you have it.
, , , , , , , , , , , , , ,.
ICYMI – A bunch of stuff has happened lately, or rather that NDA life has eased up a little.
First off, Game Devs and Others: Tales from the Margins has a cover.
Done by Alex Croft (who you should totally support on Patreon)  The release date has changed on Amazon from June 8 to June ….
, , , , , , , , , , ,.
What”s your gamer identity.
How we classify video game players in gaming culture Friday 11:30 AM, Forum Anne Marie Porter [M], Rhonda Moore, Tanya DePass We”ll discuss how research, industry, and the gaming community categorizes different types of gamers, and how this impacts gaming culture.
What characteristics do we use to create gamer categories.
How ….
, , , , , , , , , , , ,.
In a few hours I”ll be headed back to Cali, Cali.
I”m only on one panel, ONE.
for Big Bad Con, the rest of my time will be spent rolling dice, meeting cool folks (hopefully) and seeing old friends.
If you”re around the con, .

I”m on “You Don”t Look Like a Geek” Friday at 8pm …

, , , , , , , , , , , , , ,.

Twitch’s Inclusivity guild is hosting a Twitch Talk with Tanya DePass

who will be discussing the challenges and best tools for streaming safely as a woman, person of color, or LGBT creator on Twitch.
Tanya is the founder and director of I Need Diverse Games, a not-for-profit foundation that is dedicated to better diversification of ….
, , , , , ,.
Hey y”all, .

I”m visiting Twitch HQ and giving a talk on staying safe as a marginalized streamer

Details below.

Twitch”s Inclusivity guild is hosting a Twitch Talk with Tanya DePass

who will be discussing the challenges and best tools for streaming safely as a woman, person of color, or LGBT creator on Twitch.
Tanya is ….
, ,.
Going on now through October 2nd (11:59PM PDT, 10/2), the first month of any new subscription to any channel offering a recurring subscription on Twitch is half off for you.
Streamers still get the same payout as if the subscription was purchased at full price, but you’ll only pay half rent for the first month.
Subscribing is a ….
, , , , , , , , , , , , , ,.
This year all the panels at GX Australia were recorded.
Now they”re all up on YouTube for your viewing pleasure.
Footage is uploaded into six playlists; one for each panel room on each day.
The schedule from the weekend is here in case you”re trying to look up a specific panel.
Day 1 (Auditorium) Day ….
, , , , , , , , , , , , ,.
In a couple days I head over to Sydney Australia for the second, and sadly last GX Australia.
???? We”re gonna make it a great time despite that y”all.
I also promise not to fall for the whole Drop Bears thing ???? Anyway, here”s my schedule for GX Australia, panels and talks in the auditorium ….
, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,.
Folks are always asking me if panels will be streamed when I go to conventions and conferences.
Well luck is with you, as Queerness and Games Conference has you covered.
They have two twitch channels: If you want to catch a specific speaker over the weekend, the schedule is below.
Remember all times ….
, ,.
Not what you think, I”m not quitting.
But I have been really unhappy with my streams of late.
I”ve either had a lot of fail with what I”m playing, unable to get past missions or having a lot of technical problems that led to me stopping the stream prematurely.
I don”t know what it is ….
, , ,.
So tomorrow is gonna be Ubisoft Saturday at chez Cypher on twitch.
I”ve hit 830+ followers so I promised a long stream (12 hours total) to celebrate.
Thanks to Escoblades at Ubisoft Montreal, I”ve got two Evie figures to give away.
Obviously, you”ll have to be OK with giving me your address, and if you”re ….
, , , ,.
The stream team I”m on, N7 Outpost has an Extra Life team.
My goal is $150  and our overall team goal is $1000 Since I”ll be traveling on November 3rd – 5th, all my streams between now and then will be Extra Life Streams.
I”ve added a command to give a link for donations and ….
, , , ,.
Time to get back to Masquerada.

I”ll start at 10am CST hopefully until the end

take a little break and get back to Mafia III.
Join me at for more Masquerada: Songs and Shadows then really switching gears to Lincoln Clay in New Bordeaux after a break.
Then no stream on Thursday October 13th, or ….
, ,.
The fine folks who made Masquerada were kind enough to share the build they showed at PAX West with me, so to celebrate the return of my voice and excitement over passing the 700 follower mark on Twitch, I”ll be doing two games today.
First, .

Masquerada: Songs and Shadows at 11:00 am CST through finishing it …

07/18/201607/18/2016 , , No streaming this week, have some FenQuisitor instead.
Remember, no streaming this week due to some paying work coming my way.
So, have some FenQuisitor meeting Hawke in this run of it.
I needed to get rid of the Skyhold armor mod that was making all my Inquisitor”s have the same recoloured version of Calpernia”s armor: I got rid of that one and … Continue reading No streaming this week, have some FenQuisitor instead.
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, , , ,.
Hey y”all, streaming will be a bit disrupted after today”s DAI stream due to getting some paying work sent my way.
Project will take up all of next week so no stream next Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday is iffy pending where I am in this project.
July 16th there will be more romancing of Sera ….
07/10/201607/10/2016 , , Long stream to celebrate 600 @Twitch followers!.
So I hit the 600 follower mark right before I headed off to CONvergence, and have to celebrate it.
I am going to do a longer stream on Tuesday, July 12th of some PC games.
I”ll probably start with something easy that I can play and talk at the same time.

So nothing new where … Continue reading Long stream to celebrate 600 @Twitch followers

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, , , ,.
Just one stream this week, as I”ll be away at a convention again.
The awesome Vahn J gifted me with The Talos Principle on steam, so I”ll be streaming it on Tuesday June 28th approx 7pm CDT. This will be a totally blind playthrough, never seen a stream of it or much game play.
After that, ….
, , , , , ,.
Finally Halamshiral for real this time on stream.
11:00 am CST, all of the Winter Palace with Sera, Dorian, & Blackwall as my party along with Herah Adaar.
So I have questions; Obviously siding with Briala will probably net me massive disapproval cause she’s an elf.
But what about Celene and Gaspard.
Neither would give ….
06/06/2016 , , Stream schedule for week of June 6th.
Tuesdays (Until I finish the trilogy and ME2/ME3 DLC”s) Currently playing Mass Effect, Steam edition with Tanya Shepard, Vanguard.
12:00 pm CST – TBD (as I play I might stream for just a couple hours, I might go longer, but not past 5:00 pm CST) Thursday June 9th, 2016 Sassybot Studios – Fragments of Him … Continue reading Stream schedule for week of June 6th.
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05/21/201605/21/2016 , Better Twitch TV Emotes are all live!.
The awesome Becka Liz did emotes for my Twitch channel.
These are all on Better Twitch TV, and if you”re using this add in (Chrome and Firefox) you can use them too in your Twitch stream.
cypherYAY  cypherWUT  cypherSHINY  cypherLOVE  cypherGRR How Emote Sharing Works Emote sharing allows other channels to use emotes you … Continue reading Better Twitch TV Emotes are all live.
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, , ,.
Sadly, no stream tomorrow Saturday May 7th.
I”ll be at #TrekDePaul all day.
I”ll do a brief make up stream probably Sunday morning or Monday during the day.
Also, thoughts on what to play since I beat Unravel.
Dark Souls Sucking Tuesdays once I finish Fragments of Him.
FenQuisition (if I ever get my game ….
04/15/2016 , , , Change in streaming due to conventions & travel!.
So I missed my usual Thursday stream yesterday and I will be out all day on Saturday, so no Seeking Sera Saturday unless it”s super late in the evening, ie probably not.
I”ll be deep in PAX East prep mode until I fly to Boston on Thursday afternoon, so.
the following changes for the stream … Continue reading Change in streaming due to conventions & travel.
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, , , , , ,.
So, my birthday is next week omfg.
It feels like it really snuck up on me this year because of all that is going on.
So how to celebrate you might ask.
Well I”m gonna do a relaxed, laid back stream of Dragon Age II.
It”s my favorite game in the series and well, what ….
, , ,.
So I”ve been doing a lot more streaming, at least three times a week and as such, I”ve got a spiffy new layout, done by Kessel_Runs.
I”ve got awesome new BRB, Offline, lobby, and shiny buttons.

Since I”ve sunk some time and money into doing more Twitch stuff

I wanted to have an informal ….
, , , , ,.
So Tuesday is usually the day new releases drop.
This week however there”s two highly anticipated titles coming out.

I”ll do an AM Stream of Unravel Game; starting at 10am CST – 2:00 pm CST

take a break then stream Firewatch by Campo Santo from 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm CST  at Unravel Game ….
, , , ,.
So with all this time on my hands, I”m going to do more streaming.
I”ve made some updates to my Twitch page and will work on some mod bots (Night!Bot/Moo!Bot) as well as try to get some things set up so donations can be acknowledged in stream.
I”ll probably even put myself on cam more ….
Depends, are they going to be held to the same participation & activity standards to keep their partner status as e….
The mug is the “Don”t Forget to Love Each Other” Pride edition.
Unfortunately it also seems to be sol….
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