I aim to stop all food intake by 10 PM

Intermittent Fasting Update – August 2020

My weigh in this morning was 241.4 but the average for the month is a little higher.
As you can see from the below chart, this past 12 months has been ups and downs.
You can see the gradual decline from my past posts discussing my progress before falling off the wagon.
This month has been interesting for sure.
At the start of the month, .

I took a road trip with my 16 year old brother from Texas up to the Great Lakes

During our trip I stuck to my eating windows but went absolutely hog wild with what we ate.
We were having a good time trying all of the local food and enjoying each other’s company.
Side note: Wisconsin cheese curds are fucking amazing…Me I thought I’d mention something else here as well that my wife keeps bringing up.
My current ritual is to weigh in on Friday mornings right after I wake up and use the bathroom.
Depending on what I’m doing in regards to work, this might be 9-10am even if I wake up at 8am.
During that time from rise to first bathroom break, I do not drink any water.
I also try to not go ham with the water on Thursday night.
My thought is that if I wake up and chug a 32oz cup of water, that I’ve essentially “gained” 2 pounds.
In terms of keeping an accurate track of my weight loss numbers, this seems like an okay practice.
My wife thinks is unhealthy to think of water in such a negative way.
I’m not sure if we’re having some sort of mis communication as I’ve tried explaining it different way and she says she understands and still thinks it’s problematic.
Tell me your thoughts .
I’m interested to hear them.
My weekly routine.
I’ve had various people ask about my routine so I thought I’d update the internet here with what I’m doing and what’s working currently.
If I change something in between these posts I’ll try to remember to make a not of it in future posts.
At the start of the week, I’m usually volunteering with my local church.
Eating is a social activity we usually partake in with friends so I keep Sunday’s a bit lax.
Obviously with Covid-19, we’re not going to church or seeing friends, but I still eat Dinner and sometimes a light lunch.
I aim to stop all food intake by 10 PM.
This is a fasting day.
No food, only water and my meds (asthma pills and some supplements ).
Ask your doctor if your medicine needs to be taken with food.
Mine do not.

Around 5-6 PM (or later) I’ll eat dinner with the goal of finishing by 10 PM

My current diet consists of two meals from https://www.cleaneatzkitchen.com/ and then a bag of popcorn if I’m still hungry.
I’ve really been trying to eat my food slower and allow the hormones to work their magic to make me feel full.
The problem I still have to a degree is my ability to inhale food at such a rate that my body can’t even react to being full.
Most of the time I’ll start my fasting timer right after I finish eating, irregardless of the time.
Bed time is around midnight.
Basically a repeat of Tuesday.
I may eat an extra serving of some frozen vegetables in preparation for Thursday, but it depends.
Another full fasting day.
No food, just water and my meds.
Like I mentioned before, I try to not go crazy with the liquids after 10pm or so because of weigh in on Friday morning.
Basically I just want to ensure that I’ll have to pee soon after waking up and that my body is actually getting rid of the extra water I don’t need.
Weigh in day.
I have a lot of work calls on Friday’s so it’s a busy morning.
If I have to use the bathroom, I’ll do that and then immediately weigh myself.
Tracking is always done in my birthday suit for maximum results and easier reproduction.
After that, .

It’s water and meds until 5-6 PM for dinner

Same meals as the previous week, though I’ve been known to grab some Wingstop on the weekend.
Aim to finish eating by 10 PM.
A repeat of my other eating days basically.
If we were having social events, I’m sometimes less picky about eating times, but I still aim for 16 hours fasted as least.
Rarely do we have events before noon so in those cases I would politely decline anything until later in the day.
If we do have breakfast plans with someone, I’d probably eat, but opt for as low carb as possible.
Eggs, bacon, vegetables.
An omelette does sound pretty good right now.
???? Re: Food choices.
I’ve historically made pretty terrible food choices.
Weighing 310 pounds is evidence enough of that.
Self control when it comes to food has been very difficult for me, and frankly a lot of other things as well.
I’m very spontaneous and when I want something I tend to get it pretty quickly afterwards.
New toys, going somewhere, eating something.
I’ve really had to work at controlling these urges and work on planning ahead of time.
As part of embracing more planning and self control, I opted to purchase pre-cooked meals in bulk.
I’ve essentially removed any ability to cheat by limiting myself to these pre-purchased meals and a handful of pre-approved snacks.
So far, I have to admit that it seems to be working.
I’m not tracking it explicitly, but my daily calorie intake on feasting days is somewhere around 1200-1600 calories.
For a dude who still weighs 240 pounds, this is a significant deficit from what my body needs to function, thereby forcing it to burn more fat.
During my first attempt at this last year, I would say I was normally eating more than 2,000 calories a day making my own food.
The portion sizes were larger mainly, and I wasn’t afraid to load up on low carb, yet calorie rich, liquids like ranch or butter.
I wonder when I’ll get to eat “normal” food again but for now this is working.
Especially with the world in a state of quasi-lockdown, it is nice to not have to worry about making grocery store runs.
My wife buys food for herself on her way to / from work.
If you have questions, .

Feel free to leave a comment or reach out on Twitter @daronspence

I’m sometimes slow to reply here on the site, but if more people comment it might motivate me ???? Also feel free to join my fasting circle on the app I use.
iOS only though.
August 14, 2020August 14, .

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the  (HGAC) visited the Center for Global Health’s

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Older posts.
I’m working with  on a new academic journal.
It’s called the International Journal on Innovations in Online Education (IJIOE) and will be published by.
The Aim and Scope of the Journal is provided below.
Take care,.
, , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,.
If you’re looking for a powerful system that allows you to easily change in-world surface images/textures, make live modifications and add customized web-links within your -based , then you might be interested in a new product from ReactionGrid.
It’s called ACES, and it’s now  Imagine changing the image textures of storefronts, buildings, any surface at all in your Jibe world.
If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at.
Take care,.
, , , , , , , , ,.
is an alliance of scientists, educators and entrepreneurs from various fields who gather twice a month in for.
They’re a very creative and engaging group, and I was honored to be recently invited to  Here’s a summary of my topic: Below is a full video of my presentation, and you can find Take care,.
, , , , , , , , , , , ,.
The  (OSCC) is an annual conference that focuses on the developer and user community creating the.
Organized as a joint production by and the , the virtual conference features two days of presentations, workshops, keynote sessions, .

And social events across diverse sectors of the OpenSimulator user base

, and I’m thrilled to be both attending and presenting again this year.
All the inworld venue tickets are sold out, but if you can still  and watch all the presentations live on.
“You Only Own what you can Carry: How to backup and move your content between Second Life, Openim and Unity” In this hands-on workshop, I’ll be demonstrating exactly how to export your own user-created objects (both prim and mesh based) and move them between , and.
Attendees will watch my desktop via a live TeamViewer screenshare and follow along on their own using freely-available software.
Requirements: Inworld attendees should be using the  and have pre-installed both the  and the  No previous technical expertise required, just a willingness to learn.
I’ll also be a panelist later in the day on “” where I’ll be sharing my thoughts about DRM versus content licensing.
Take care,.
, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,.
The  is being held September 18-20 in Bethesda, Maryland.
This conference will assess a wide range of progressive ideas for the future of e-Learning, focusing on the idea of technology as a means to education rather than an end in itself.
The conference organizers have lined up a wonderful range of interdisciplinary speakers and are planning to attract a wide group of heterogeneous scholars and practitioners.
I’ll be attending the entire conference, and I’m honored to be giving the    Here’s what I’ll be talking about: My goal will be to tell an interesting story with examples and demos of technologies that I think really leverage how our minds naturally embrace the world around us.
One such technology that I’m currently exploring and that you’ve probably never heard of are  Visit to learn a lot more about Wiglets.
are autonomous, evolving, self-animated and self-motivated agents that can exist in both completely virtual and augmented reality environments.
They exist at a wildly creative intersection of artificial life, art and gaming.
And perhaps best of all, you can interact with them directly through touch and gestures.
Another topic of discussion will be the affordances of multiuser 3d virtual worlds, especially how one can reduce the barrier to entry for people interested in leveraging them for educational purposes.
has recently developed some new tools that integrate with the Unity3d-based  to provide on-the-fly content editing in a simple yet powerful way.  I’ll be giving a sneak preview during my presentation.
I’ll also be discussing and giving examples of innovative uses of commonly used virtual world technologies such as ,  and the.
If you plan on attending and would like to connect with me at the conference, please drop me a line on or .  And if you’re looking to interact with the organizers and other attendees and speakers, be sure to  Take care,.
, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,.
I’ll be attending these two upcoming conferences.
If you’re planning to attend either of them or if you just happen to be in town when they occur, please  if you’d like to meet up and chat about learning in virtual worlds.
The main aims of this conference are to increase our understanding of experiential learning in virtual worlds, both formal and informal, to share experiences and best practices, and to debate future possibilities for learning in virtual worlds.
For full details,  In my current position at  and my previous work at  and , I have explored the use of a wide range of gaming and virtual world platforms to augment education.
Today there are a number of very interesting virtual world technological trends involving specific gaming technologies like  as well as the growth of Open Source platforms such as.
My ongoing work involves finding the right match between educational goals and technological affordances as well as identifying key synergies when virtual world technologies are interwoven with existing social media and web-based educational content.
I’m particularly thrilled about this panel because I’ll be participating with  from the University of Arizona.
Bryan is a true pioneer in using virtual worlds for experiential learning, and he’s been working with virtual environments since his dissertation project in 1997 when he created a virtual simulation of Harlem, NY as it existed during the 1920s Jazz Age and Harlem Renaissance.
was one of the earliest full virtual reality environments created for use in the humanities and certainly one of the first for use in an African American literature course.
The project continues to grow and evolve as Bryan explores new virtual world platforms.
This new conference will assess a wide range of progressive ideas for the future of e-Learning, focusing on the idea of technology as a means to education rather than an end in itself.
The conference organizers are lining up a wonderful range of interdisciplinary speakers and are planning to attract a wide group of heterogeneous scholars and practitioners.
For full details,  I’ll be  at this conference.
And if you’re looking to interact with the organizers and other attendees and speakers, be sure to.
, , , , , , , , ,.
UPDATE 4/12/2015 – Unfortunately, it looks like this directory system has now been shut down.
But fortunately I’ve found an even better live hypergrid directory.
Check out Two of my biggest challenges when exploring  regions across the multitude of grids have always been: 1) finding places where people are currently visiting and 2) not wasting time trying to connect to places that are offline.
And over the years, there have been commendable efforts to manually create lists of Hypergrid-connected places (e.g., ) as well as strong work to create networked inworld devices (e.g., ).

All this work has been wonderful and very helpful to the growth of the Hypergrid

Which is why I’m very excited by the new  created by.
He’s nailed all of those features right out of the gate.
There aren’t many regions listed right now since the system is brand new and opt-in, but it’s incredibly easy to join and therefore could grow very quickly.

To get your own Hypergrid-connected region included in the list

you just rez an object on your region which phones home to the iDreamsNet website and immediately creates an entry for your region.
You are given a special link where you can go edit your listing (add photo, descriptive text, tags, website) and, over time, this object communicates back to the iDreamsNet website to let it know if your region is currently online and how many people are currently on it.
With the recent , there’s no need anymore to complicate Hypergrid directories with grid coordinates or “upper, middle, lower” categories.
Now, .

Anyone can jump from any Hypergrid location to any other Hypergrid location

We just need a simple, automated and powerful directory.
Take care,.
, , , , , , , , , , ,.
Yesterday, the  (HGAC) visited the Center for Global Health’s.
About 20 of us made the voyage, initially gathering at and then travelling together as a group.
This was the first HGAC trip in a long time, and it was wonderful to see so many familiar friends as well as some brand new faces.
, , , , , , , , , , , , , ,.
If you’re a fan of the , you should definitely check out the new  for and.
Fixed a problem with long teleports in OpenSim (“4096 bug” ) (Latif).
Latif Khalifa has fixed the bug that, , .

Prevented Hypergrid explorers from jumping to places more than 4096 regions away

No more mandatory intermediate hops.
No more “cannot reach destination – too far away” messages.

I encourage all explorers of the Hypergrid to please take a moment and

His hard work has resulted in a major improvement to the use of the Hypergrid and the evolution of OpenSim as a constellation of easily accessible interconnected grids.
Which brings me to the topic of the.
Since my , .

I’ve received a great deal of interest in possibly restarting our tours of the Hypergrid

Many people reached out to me, and the outpouring of interest was very inspiring.
So I’m rebooting the tours.
Our next tour will be Saturday Sept 28 at 10pm EDT.
For all the details, please.
Take care,.
, , , , , , , , , , , , ,.
This past weekend I attended and spoke at the very first (OSCC13).
It was an amazing event full of outstanding presentations, great networking opportunities, and spectacular venues with tons of attendees.
It was also truly remarkable to see how far has evolved and matured as a virtual world platform.
Lastly, for those of you interested in me possibly restarting the tours (I got a lot of positive feedback at the conference), be sure to  If I see enough interest, I’ll definitely start them up again.
Please read on for my own presentation summary, video and downloadable slides.
You can also watch recordings of all the other presentations in the ADDENDUM 9/10/2013: Be sure to read this blog post: “.” It’s an outstanding summary of the conference by Crista Lopes, the inventor of the and one of the conference’s main organizers.
Take care,.
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cawag98 on on Jim Wojno on mercalia on on.
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So today I had more time to work on my Riga-22

Archive for Riga-22 moped.
I think this may be the last update post about it, because I’m pretty much done with it.
Moped has been restored.
Looks like it just rolled out of the factory 🙂 Last time I wrote that I fixed the electric system, wasn’t much of a hassle.
This time I just did some finishing stuff.
The first thing I did was repaint the fuel tank.
The white color really fits with the red body.
After the paint has dried, I put a rubber tube around it.
Originally there was some rubber around the joint and I didn’t have that.
However I had some nice rubber tube that fit just right and looks as good.
Category: , | Tags: , |.
Oh boy it’s been a long time since I last posted such an update.
I usually work on it when I have the time.
It turned out that the new power router and stabilizer was shit.
The one I bought and was said that it is new and works, was actually not so good.
It worked, yes, but barely.
I didn’t know at that time and didn’t consider it to be a problem, because it was new and all.
After many months of pushing it around and just trying to pinpoint the no so obvious problem, I finally gave up and brought it to the market where I buy parts from.
Dudes there took a look at it and fixed the same day.
They changed the stabilizer and a carburetor, now it seems to work as it should.
Always starts and doesn’t need much effort to even ride it.
Category: , | Tags: , , |.
Well well well… it’s been so long since I wrote my last progress update.
But never the less, here’s another one.
A lot of things have changed, but I don’t feel like writing lots of text today so I’ll keep this one short with pictures in the end 🙂 Category: , | Tags: , |.
I feel like I am taking one step forward and 2 steps back.
Yesterday I went to the market, bought the parts I needed and assembled the motor.
Today I tried to start it and it was fine, just that the kick-start lever started to fuck around.
Category: , | Tags: , , , , , , , |.
So last Sunday I went to the market to get something which I got – a gasket for the clutch hole and a turn-signal relay.
Latter one I haven’t used yet, but I put the gaskets in and assembled the engine to understand that it still leaks oil!.
Category: , | Tags: , , , , |.
The time has come for an update yo.
So like I said another progress update.
Mainly I fixed most of the issues that came up earlier.
Still need just one little part to finish the technical part and continue with electronics.
Category: , | Tags: , , , , , , |.
I know I said that next time I’ll write about this will be when the electronics are working – but electronics are not working… well partially.
Felt like posting a progress update because some complications came up.
Category: , | Tags: , , , , , |.
Time to write another progress update, this time it isn’t very large, probably all of them weren’t, but one thing’s certain – it’s coming to an end 😀 and I am very happy about it too… spend lots of time and work with it and today I managed to get the engine to start… what a great feeling it was 😀 Category: , | Tags: , , |.
Finally I can proceed with assembly of it.
Today I was at the market, bought new parts so I can proceed working.
I think I bought everything, minus few things like handles and foot rest rubber.
Today I put new rubber sealants for the carburetor and placed the motor on the side so that remaining oil would get out… Category: , | Tags: , , , , , , |.
So today I had more time to work on my Riga-22, since the Axe was broken and all the stomps were chopped… today I managed to paint all the remaining parts and clean some dirty parts.
Tomorrow I might start assembling it all together.
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Riga-22 moped (13).
Jeigu kopijuojate, tai bent nurodykite šaltinį :).

You can also find Tru-Oil on Amazon

DIY Les Paul Guitar Kit (Part 3: Applying Tru-Oil Finish) DIY Les Paul Guitar Kit (Part 3: Applying Tru-Oil Finish).
, , 42 Comments 21,297 Views.
So I’m back with my DIY Les Paul guitar kit and I am here to show you how to apply the Tru-Oil finish.
This oil finish will provide a very protective layer over the previously applied stain on the guitar’s Spalted Maple top.
See my previous article to find out the steps I took to stain the guitar.

Here’s some reasons to why I decided to go with a Tru-Oil finish (eBay)

The ease of application, no need for costly spray tools, and no toxic fume spreading throughout the area.
Applying several layers of this oil will provide a protective and glossy finish for your DIY guitar project.

The Tru-Oil is made by Birchwood Casey and is marketed as a gun stock finish

Now this product may be very difficult to find in stores, especially if you live in California.
I visited many stores (gun stores, sporting good stores, and even Walmart) and this product was nowhere to be found.
Apparently there are some regulations regarding the bulk shipments of this item and the availability of Tru-Oil in your state may differ.
Nevertheless, I was determined to use this oil as the finish for my DIY guitar and decided to purchase the Tru-Oil online.
The best place I found to buy this product was here on eBay.
It was very inexpensive and delivery was lightning fast.
You can also find Tru-Oil on Amazon.
Once you have the bottle in your hands, you are now ready to apply the oil finish onto your guitar.
Items you will need need: Pair of gloves.
00 steel wool.
Tack Cloth.
Clean Cloth/Rag.
Bottle of Tru-Oil.
When applying the oil to bare wood, first make sure your guitar is clean by wiping it down with a tack cloth.
The tack cloth will remove any dust and debris from the surface of your guitar.
While wearing your gloves, pour a small amount of Tru-Oil (eBay) on to a clean rag and simply rub the oil into the surface of the guitar, applying more as you see fit.
A little amount of oil goes a long way.
Let the oil dry for a couple hours until it fully hardens then apply additional coats of oil.
The objective is to apply and build up several coats of oil over time.
By doing so, the layers of oil will become thicker giving you that nice glossy and protective finish.

Before applying each additional coat of Tru-Oil

you will need to scuff up the previous coat to a dull finish.
Use the 00 steel wool for this steps but be very careful with the first few thin coats of oil.
The last thing you want to do is to sand through the layers of oil and into the wood stain that you worked so hard to apply.
Repeat the process of cleaning with a tack cloth, rubbing in the oil, and letting it harden.
Do this over and over until you are satisfied with the thickness of the Tru-Oil finish (eBay).
For my project, I applied at least 10 coats of oil and am very pleased with the results.
That’s it, you’re done.
Stand back and stare at the beauty you have created.

The next step in this DIY Les Paul guitar project is to glue the neck and body together

As always, I will document this process and share the steps I take to complete the project.
Click here to view entire project.
Stay tuned.
(Get this or here ).
Tags diy les paul guitar featured guitar finish guitar oil finish guitar tru-oil guitar tru-oil finish luthier oil finish tru oil tru-oil finish wood finish UNBOXING: Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy Note 2 How To Start Blogging in 2013.
G5Man January 9, 2013 at 2:38 am Can’t wait to see your next video.
You’ve done a great job so far.

I just ordered myself a DIY PRS guitar

You’ve definitely inspired me.
Thanks for the informative videos.
fred January 9, 2013 at 2:48 am Thank you for the kind words.
I’m glad my videos/articles helped out.
I am sure you will have a blast building your guitar.
Let me know if I can answer any questions you may have.
dan cashman March 5, 2015 at 9:04 pm Truly impressed with your video instruction on finishing DIY les paul.
Very informative, very well put together not condescending like some other sites.
In other words.
Well done.
Thanks for posting.
Found your site on you tube.
justin January 13, 2013 at 10:02 pm was the blue dye for a printer like the black or something else.
fred January 13, 2013 at 10:05 pm Yup it was the same ink.
Just regular printer/stamp ink from any office supply store.
justin January 13, 2013 at 11:32 pm ok thanks man.
i’m about to do this to my s-series ibanez but red instead of blue….
fred January 13, 2013 at 11:51 pm Thats awesome.
Let me know how it turns out.
Jay March 8.

2013 at 4:14 am Hey Fred great project

I have just completed the body and neck, and am getting ready to do the electrical work.
Have you started yours.
is there a website I can use as a guide.
The ebay sellers dont provide much as far as instructions.
Thanks for everything, love the site fred March 11, 2013 at 10:40 pm Hey Jay, I did finish the electrical work but I have not had a chance to edit the video yet.
It should be up soon though.
I am not aware of any guides online, although I am sure there are some.
Good luck with your project.
Matt March 13.

2013 at 12:53 pm Hey Fred

I see in this video that you’ve cut the headstock to more of a ‘traditional’ LP shape.
How did you do that.
Thanks for the clear, concise videos.
Thinking about building one of these for my 30th.
fred March 13, 2013 at 4:15 pm Hi Matt, the shape of the headstock was just drawn out by hand.
I then used a rotary tool, like a dremel, to cut out the shape in the wood.
Good luck with your project, if you decide to do it.
I would encourage you to try it out.
joe wynne March 29, 2013 at 11:33 am hi fred, enjoyed your video; wondering how the finished project played out: it sound.
am looking to buy one for myself, but having trouble with providers shipping to Canada; do you have any suggestions–i am left handed.
fred March 30, 2013 at 10:55 am Hi Joe I would contact the seller that I have linked to and see if he has left handed guitars and if he ships to your area.
You may be able to work something out.
Thanks for the comment.
Ryan April 9, .

2013 at 2:31 am Hey Fred great job so far with the guitar

I’m using the same products you have used to build my bass.
And I am wondering how long did you leave the ink stain dry before applying the tru oil.
fred April 9, 2013 at 12:25 pm Hey Ryan, I probably waiting a couple days just because I had other projects going on at the same time.
I would recommend a minimum of 24 hrs.
You really want to make sure the wood is dry before applying finish.
Michael Green May 14, 2013 at 8:06 pm I recently bought one of these kits from the same company you did and I am amazed at its quality.
The price was right too.
Unfortunately I haven’t done as fine a job as you have on its building.
My first and only question in this email is, how did you finish the neck head the way you did.
Did you have a template and if so, where can I get one.
What tool did you use to cut out the wood in that classic Les Paul shape.
I tried to mimic one but failed.
The drawing I used was not to scale and it turned out miserably.
Any help you can render would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.
fred May 14, 2013 at 8:39 pm Hey Michael, all I did was draw out the shape by hand.
I didn’t use a template.
Then I used a rotary tool like a dremel to cut out the shape.
Basically, I just free hand everything.
Hope that helps.
Jim Thompson June 7, 2013 at 8:56 am Hi Fred, first of all, your video series on the LP guitar kit was fantastic.
I’m in Ontario, Canada, and your kit provider for this build ships to Canada thru Ebay – I just bought an ES 335 kit from them because of your build.
My question is this, when you feel that you,ve applied the last coat of TRU-OIL, do you leave it alone, or do you still buff it out with the steel wool – thanks for your help fred June 7, 2013 at 11:41 am Hey Jim, you can wetsand and apply some guitar or car polish to make it really shine and smooth.
Jim Thompson June 10, 2013 at 7:47 pm Hi again Fred, thanks for your reply.
I just received my SES-30, ES-335 type kit today, and it is beautiful.
Of course now that I’ve seen it, I have a couple more questions for you if you don’t mind – (1) watching you apply the ink (for about the 10th time, lol), I notice that it doesn’t seem to stain the binding – is this true.
Also, (2) once you achieved the colour you wanted, did you sand or buff the final “raw” stained top befpre your first coat of tru-oil.
And lastly, (3) my kit is basswood – do you think it will show the grain well if I try the black ink then the blue.
Thanks again for all of your help, and I’m looking forward to the next installment of your new kit build.
Jim in Cornwall fred June 11, 2013 at 12:24 pm Hi Jim, The dye did stain the binding slightly but was easily removed my scraping it with a razor.
You could also tape off the binding but I decided not to.
Once the staining was complete, I didn’t do any additional sanding.
I just made sure it was completely dry before applying the tru oil.
The basswood should show the grain but it will probably not be as vibrant as my spalted veneer.
Hope that helps.
Jim Thompson June 11, 2013 at 3:07 pm Hi Fred, thanks again – your advice is greatly appreaciated.
I thought you might say that as well, so I’m going to get some raw basswood and try dying it to see how it turns out before dying my kit.
I’m also looking at the Minwax Express Colour as an alternative – their Indago or their Emerald stains may work better with the basswood, who knows, lol.
After the 335 kit, I may have to try your ink finish on the next kit (aaahhh!!!!) Jim in Cornwall.
Michael Green June 24.

2013 at 12:41 pm Hey Fred

Thank you for answering my last text above.
You did a great job free handing the head stock.
I wish I could have talent like that but I’m sure with enough time an a good supply of kits I will get better.
My question this time is: Is it necessary to finish the guitar with tru-oil, or varnish, before attaching the neck.
You videos show that you did your guitar in that order.
Thanks again in advance.

Michael Green fred June 26

2013 at 8:57 pm Hey Michael, You can attach the neck prior to finishing or even staining if you wanted to.
Its really just personal preference.
Logan August 17.

2013 at 6:19 pm Hey Fred

i was wondering if you can get a satin/matte finish with tru-oil, and if so, how.
jim December 9, 2013 at 9:48 pm hey fred, i would like to ask if linseed oil can replace the tru oil one.
thanks fred December 9, 2013 at 10:40 pm Yes definitely.
I almost went with Linseed oil but decided on Tru-Oil because it gives it a harder finish based off of what I researched.
Alec March 8, 2014 at 10:29 am Hi, How did you stop the dye from getting on the outer white edges of the guitar.
Thanks fred March 8, 2014 at 4:08 pm I didn’t mask the White bindings, so it did get on it.
However, you can use a razor to scrape it off easily after dying.
Alec March 10, 2014 at 1:47 pm Thanks, also what did you do regarding the frets.
I have found my frets to be quite rough in texture compared to my shop bought guitars.
What would you suggest.
Tim March 31, 2014 at 12:45 pm Hello again Fred… Curious….
I notice some, what looks like, pitting in the true oil finish.
Were you able to get those smoothed out.
Or were they actually on the wood.
Or am I just seeing things.
lol That is very possible as well.
I was just wondering if starting with a water based wood filler as you did on your new build would be a good idea with one of these les paul kits.
Just not sure how that would affect the stain (ink).
Maybe I’ll do a test run on a scrap board first and see how it looks, Again, great work.
We appreciate you taking the time to make these videos.
fred March 31, 2014 at 12:51 pm If I were to do this again, I would use the filler stained with black ink.
fred March 31, 2014 at 12:52 pm I would use the filler stained with black ink Tim March 31, 2014 at 6:40 pm Thanks for the reply, that sounds like a good test to try out on some scrap.
I’ll let you know how it goes.
Christopher June 2, 2014 at 12:59 pm I noticed that there were a couple of patches here and there on both the front and back that might have been glue stains in the wood that weren’t taking to the ink and wood stains right away.
I’ve had that problem with these kits that I’ve put together before….
How did you over come that.
Bob Poonystank June 16, 2014 at 5:16 am Dude.
What happened to your arm hair.
Do you shave your arms.
fred June 16, 2014 at 11:19 am I’m asian.
Ralph Sommerer August 12, 2014 at 7:15 am Fred, Thanks for your detailed video series.
I’m in the process of building a guitar myself, .

And have a question regarding the Tru-Oil finish

Did you apply your “at least 10 coats of oil” throughout the guitar or just at the blue top.
I’m currently at 8 top coats and 4 neck/side/bottom coats.
Thanks, Ralph chrisd April 6, 2016 at 4:54 pm hi Fred, i will be trying out the minwax express mahogany stuff on my kit lp and want to know if the tru oil worked well over the top of the minwax.
i have seen your pics of the lp and it looks great but i didnt see you putting tru oil over the minwax, did you end up doing that, i also black inked my flame but chose green stamp pad ink on mine and it looks amazing, i have tru oil over the veneer and it looks beautiful considering i had broken this guitar and rebuilt the entire neck pocket and had to rout out a section of mahogany and fit a new piece of mahogany in, my kit has been through hell, so i want to make sure the minwax and tru oil wont cause any reaction to each other.
PHILIP November 4, 2014 at 5:46 am I watch these videos often, thanks for it.
You said that if you were to make this project again, you would use the filler stained in black ink.
Are you referring to the first black stain where you wanted to raise the stripes on.
Jerry S November 19, 2014 at 2:16 pm Hey Fred Just watched the videos for the Les paul and was impressed at the results with a shoe string budget.
Been doing a lot of research on refinishing my Ibanez sr 500 Bass and your videos are right in line with what I was planning to do Great Job nice guitar Enjoy playing it Thanks.
Gavin March 30, 2015 at 3:17 pm Did you only use 220 grade sand paper.
And did you use a sanding sponge or sand paper.
I just bought a 220 grade sponge for my project so I was wondering if that is all I will in need in terms of sanding.
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when he interacts with the amazing Henwick as Colleen Wing

Forgotten Realms.
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Romance + Compassion: Dawn of Empathy.
June 5, 2017 1 Spoiler Alert: Wonder Woman is Wonderful SPOILERS for WONDER WOMAN ….
You were warned….
And yet you persisted….
Let’s be clear that I really, really loved this movie, for all its occasional flaws.
I could spend literally all the free time I have today listing what I loved about the movie, but there’s one particular point I wanted to address, and so I’m going to do that here.
As for my review: I really liked it.
You might like it too.
Go watch it.
Now then.
The Pivotal Question: Does the romance subplot undermine Wonder Woman, making it seem like she “needs a man” to succeed.
Kinda, in that well, the optics are that Wonder Woman wouldn’t have succeeded if she hadn’t fallen in love with, had sex with, and then lost Steve Trevor.
(Was he fridged–i.e.
killed off to motivate her.
Kinda?) But is that really true.
ROMANCE + COMPASSION: DAWN OF EMPATHY (Caveat that this flows partly from analyzing the movie in a vacuum and partly from my outside knowledge of–and extreme affection for–the character of Wonder Woman.
For a viewer who knows nothing of Wonder Woman, that scene might come off a different way, more in line with what I call the “surface” interpretation.) On the surface, the movie makes it seem like that moment–seen in flashback–where Steve tells Diana that he loves her (just before he heads off to sacrifice himself for humanity) is the moment where she chooses good, rather than the evil Ares is offering.
Well, more accurately, she chooses COMPASSION over destruction, which isn’t quite the same thing as good over evil.
And that’s a movie formula we’re very used to: love and sex make everything better.
We get invested in a romance and we want it either 1) to work out so we can convince ourselves the heroes live happily ever after, or 2) one character to die and the other character to honor them with some great and epic feat, demonstrating that True Love Wins (TM).
But was that what happened here.
I don’t think so.
He spends a lot of the movie looking at her like “aw geez, man, she so wonderful.” Look at the context going into that scene.
Look at Wonder Woman standing poised to hurl a truck at Dr.
Poison–a woman damaged by Man’s World and twisted into something monstrous by her service to the war machine.
Maru is at least as important to the story as Steve Trevor is.
And WW sees the value in her–feels sympathy toward her–even when the movie has spent two hours convincing us not to.
That is her victory: compassion in the dark and difficult moments.

Diana’s romance with Steve is incidental

The intimacy of their relationship isn’t just between two people.
It’s between her and Man’s World, because he is her connection to that world.
I think he initially sort of saw himself as pursuing her as a romantic partner, but she never saw them that way.
And when he understood how she felt about him and the world (the same way), they became more than romantic.
They achieved a level of intimacy beyond–a toxic masculinity shattering thing.
Steve didn’t teach her compassion–she taught it to him.
I mean, he already cared about people, but it was in an abstract sense.
“I have this mission to do.
I have to save all these people.” But in the end, that’s when he understood what it really meant to care about the whole world, because that’s what she did.
It was a new level of intimacy he hadn’t been able to achieve–until he met her.
How can you not love someone who teaches you that.
In turn, he served as Diana’s reference point with the world–allowed her to see Men as worthy of her compassion as well as her sisters.
Isn’t that how empathy works.
In order to feel for people different from you, you need to meet people different from you–get to see them as people–understand their hopes and fears and the scope of their existence.
Spoiler alert: Yes.
And the ascendancy of empathy is not typically something we get in Superhero movies.
Especially not DC movies, but all of them.
We tend to expect brooding dudes with big muscles who have to blow up or murder a bunch of people and we’re supposed to be ok with it because, well, that’s what was needed to save the world, right.
That’s not what Diana had to do, and she stands above the others for that reason.
We saw a little of it in Captain America and the Winter Soldier–where Cap can only get through to Bucky by not fighting him, but by loving him–but that was very localized between those two people.
It didn’t work out between Cap and Iron Man.

The relationship between Diana and Steve is painted in similar strokes

but they don’t solve their problems with their fists.
They solve it with their hearts.
(And to head off that particular question, no, .

Steve was not Diana’s introduction to sex and romance

Why would he be.
She was living on a whole island of perfectly appropriate romantic partners.
They even have a conversation about this on the boat, to hilarious result.) The interplay between Diana and Steve was pivotal to the movie, because he was her entry point–and ours, in a way.
He was the representative of Man’s World: flawed, possessed of both good and evil, partly at fault for what was going on.
He was the Good Man–playing a role in the problems of the world without realizing it.
Wonder Woman didn’t come to Man’s World to destroy it or conquer it or even embrace it.
She came to fix it–to save it from itself.
She couldn’t save Steve–not in body, anyway–but I think she taught him something very important, and vice versa.
He would not have given himself for so many others without her example, and she needed him as her access point–but she needed the WORLD to become the hero that she became.
IN CONCLUSION Will it look to a lot of people like the romance subplot undermined Wonder Woman by making her dependent on a man.
Yeah, it will, and it has.
You can read lots of articles about that.
They muddied the waters–relied over much on this trusted formula about “True Love” and all that.
But I don’t think it was romantic love that won the day.
In order for her compassion to transcend–to know no bounds–she had to know and experience it all.
She had to see the destroyed hopes, dreams, and lives of thousands to understand the true horror of war, but instead of breaking, she rose above it.
She became more.
When Steve told Diana that he loved her, he wasn’t just saying that he loved her romantically.
He loved her the way the Amazons on Themyscira love each other–romantically, platonically, perfectly.
He was giving her hope.
He was Man’s World, embracing her and conveying to her that her way was right and good and the only hope for ending war (i.e.
destroying Ares).
And Ares/war was what had just taken Steve from her–that she could still choose love for all people over vengeance for one person was her victory.
That didn’t undermine her.
That made her stronger.
A FEW OTHER THINGS Sex doesn’t threaten Wonder Woman: I do feel that the romantic/sexy-times subplot with Steve wasn’t really necessary.
It came off as a hook to get us, the audience, invested in these characters.
At least it didn’t have any exploitative/porny scenes.
But even if it did, so what.
Wonder Woman is allowed to have romantic interests.
See = all the Amazons.
Love and connection are pivotal to her character.
And it’s Chris Pine, I mean, c’mon.
Romantic Supporting Role: Ok, so, Steve was kinda the girlfriend character in this movie.
He ranged from kind of adorable to doing some actiony bits to seeming like he might have had a speech impediment when he tried, stutteringly, to talk to Diana or keep his wits about him around the Amazons.
And they managed to make him not kind of a misogynist dick, the way he was in the excellent animated version from a few years back.
He seemed largely confused about how to say things, even if he very earnestly felt them and cared deeply about his mission.
Throughout the movie, I kept thinking “how would this go on, if it were to go on?” Would Diana love him the way he loved her, or would they fall apart the way they did in New 52.
I guess we won’t get to see that, but that’s ok.
We can move on.
Steve Trevor = Captain America (they’re both named Chris): So, why exactly couldn’t Steve pilot that plane loaded with the weapons of mass destruction into an ice floe, thus ending up in suspended animation for decades, after which he and Diana could be reunited in a long, angst-filled movie where they took down the evil corruption in the government (probably led by Ares, the way he did in THIS MOVIE).
Oh right, there was a timer on those bombs.
Oh right, there was a timer.) But hold up, was the timer for only like 20 minutes.
Weren’t they planning to fly to London to drop the gas.
Don’t they need more than like 20 minutes to fly from Belgium TO LONDON.
So, obviously I’m super happy that Diana’s crew wasn’t all white dudes being white and saving the world while white.
There was a Middle Eastern dude and a Native American dude and a Scottish dude who, while white, was still dealing with some shit, and Diana helped him in a pretty cool way.
That said, WTF with the smoke signals.
That was just an odd moment of “heheh, look, Indian does Indian thing.” They didn’t have to do that.
In context, I guess it was forgivable, but whose idea was that.
(See further reading, below.) The Oddly Abridged Mythology Stuff: Whose idea was it, exactly, to not mention any of the female Greek gods.
I mean, I get that you wanted to simplify it, so you only mentioned Zeus and Ares, but 1) how dumb do you think the audience is that we can’t even handle a couple other names (wait, nevermind, don’t answer that), 2) why kill off the other gods, exactly.
Why couldn’t at least Athena survive.
I mean c’mon, 3) aren’t the goddesses pivotal parts of Wonder Woman’s backstory.
Don’t they give her blessings like the Beauty of Aphrodite, the Wisdom of Athena, that sort of thing.
This was a noticeable excision.
The Baby Thing: Until that scene in London, Diana has never seen a baby, and that’s a big deal.
That’s why she goes nuts over seeing a baby.
But if you’re going to do that, why not make it pay off later in the film.
Why not have her, I dunno, talk to Steve about this.
Or even see a dead baby in the destroyed village.
She is obviously really, really bothered about children being hurt in war, but I feel like this is a missed opportunity to bring things around with a reference to this important piece.
Continuity question: Isn’t Diana in “Supes ❤ Batman: Dawn of Bromance” kind of “retired” from the world.
I would have expected that she end up her origin story bitter and sad and removed from public life, but she seems to have been victorious.
So why the retreat.
Did she go back to Themyscira.
Did she go hang out with Etta Candy for the next few decades.
WW1 = perfect setting for Wonder Woman 1: I was quite skeptical at first, but I feel like this setting perfectly captures the theme and concept.
Steve called it at first “The War to End All Wars” (did they call it that at the time?), and WW1 would have seemed truly apocalyptic to the people at the time.
This was really, truly WW saving Man’s World from the cycle of war and destruction.
Though like all things, it doesn’t *stay* saved and will require constant maintenance.

But does this mean Wonder Woman 2 (WW2) will take place during World War 2 (WW2)

And no, that’s not entirely a joke–a bit could be done about Diana attempting to be an ambassador to Man’s World, etc.
And I know Batman supposedly only found that one picture of her from WW1, but maybe 1) that was just the *first* picture he found of her, and/or 2) he was just too distracted with lifting all those weights to fight an unbeatable super being (do you even overcompensate, bro?) that he just didn’t notice her appearance during the 40s.
Further Reading http://nerdist.com/wonder-woman-no-mans-land-scene/ http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/herocomplex/la-et-hc-wonder-woman-crying-20170605-htmlstory.html  https://www.bleedingcool.com/2017/06/04/representation-matters-chief-wonder-woman-awesome/ http://screenrant.com/why-wonder-woman-dc-greatest-best-hero/ https://mercury.postlight.com/amp?url=https://fee.org/articles/yes-im-a-feminist-yes-i-enjoyed-wonder-woman/ , Reply Iron Fist is an Entitled White Boy Jerk, pt 2.
March 21, 2017 2 Marvel: “Hey fanboys, are you socially awkward and don’t care about women’s feelings or autonomy.
It’s ok, they’ll sleep with you anyway!” Fanboys: “Yay!”.
I’m to that point in Iron Fist (spoilers for episode 7, I think) where there’s an entirely unearned sex scene coming up, and it just makes me roll my eyes so hard my head hurts.
“Unearned,” in the sense that the narrative doesn’t justify it in any way.
What about this guy is Colleen Wing supposed to be attracted to.
Is it the bad hair.
The constant disrespect for her teaching methods.
The one or two compliments that he gave her in the last couple episodes.
(Compliments that came totally out of the blue, “you’re the strongest person I know,” ah, you’re an idiot, Danny Rand.) How about the stalking.
The breaking into people’s houses.
The inability to take “no” for an answer.
The vow of celibacy that he apparently swore but discards in a HEARTBEAT as soon as there’s a sexy exotic/erotic Japanese poison woman in the previous episode.
(Yeah, don’t think I missed that little gem.
[1]) I get that it’s a vulnerable moment with her manufactured anxiety about failing to protect a mostly dead guy, and that Danny tells her some cute stories about little boys being doofuses, but c’mon, seriously.
How are we supposed to take this seriously.
They’re not Luke Cage and Jessica Jones.
Heck, they’re not Matt Murdock and Elektra.
Maybe she’s just really into fake-looking chest tattoos.
Yeah, that’s probably it.
Are Colleen Wing’s initials “CW” because this is a CW show.
Maybe that’s it.
If that sounds harsh, it’s because Marvel keeps digging that hole for The Great White Hope, and doesn’t seem to realize it’s digging.
Flawed people, I’m cool with–I *prefer* flawed characters, in fact–but I expect there to be narrative consequences to their flaws or an exploration of their flaws.
So far, Danny’s only “flaw” is that he’s too compassionate, refusing to kill the Hand warrior so that Madame Gao wouldn’t kill the damsel in distress.
And then he angsts about that, because that’s apparently a good thing.[2] His seeming inability to respect women or boundaries is a significant flaw, but there’s been zero sign that he’s even aware of that problem, much less that he’s going to address it.
And why would he.
Even the women he disparaged, disrespected, and harassed fall into his arms without any real effort on his part.
No doubt Colleen and Joy will end up fighting over him, because that’s how these rich white boy wish fulfillment stories usually go.
Every episode, I like him less and less, which is pretty remarkable, considering how little I liked him initially.
Jessica Jones, for instance, was an incredibly flawed character who made all kinds of bad decisions and disrespected the hell out of basically everyone, but she suffered for it.
She had to earn every ounce of good that happened to her in that show (and there wasn’t a lot of it).
Her whole story was a compelling climb up a rugged mountain during a lightning storm without so much as a jacket or even boots.
Danny doesn’t struggle or suffer or have to earn anything.
Sure he gets hurt on occasion, but it’s never a big deal.
Everything just kinda works out for him, because it’s destiny.
And that’s a lame story.
This is a lame story.
I hope it gets better.
Notes: [1] The Japanese spider lady who fights with sexiness was really, REALLY bad.
(Orientalism, anyone?) I mean, I want a Spider Woman show as much as the next hot blooded Marvel fanboy but c’mon.
[2] Also, can we have a conversation about how eastern philosophy is a stand-in for psychopathic disregard for innocent lives here.
Maybe it’s an Objectivist thing–that in order to truly excel at your calling, you have to put petty things like morality aside.
(Maybe the “Rand” part of his name isn’t a coincidence.) Maybe this is the conversation Marvel wants us to have, but that’s really weird.
(See also, Iron Fist is an Entitled White Boy Jerk, part 1.) , , Replies.
This regards IRON FIST on Netflix, and contains spoilers for episode 4/5 (not sure which).
At one point, Danny shows up at Wing’s dojo, uninvited (red flag) and clearly unwelcome after he has been stalking her for some time (red flag) and assaulted one of her students (not that he cares, because Iron Fisting or something, red flag), with “takeout” (a catering service from a romantic food place, as a result of his cluelessness, but red flag) so he can “talk to her about something.” (Red.
Flag.) He interrupts Colleen when she’s in the middle of teaching Claire (yay!) how to fight.
(You know, that whole female agency/empowerment thing.
Gotta interrupt that, right away.) And then he won’t leave despite the fact that they’re in the middle of a lesson.
I mean, if he can’t respect women or boundaries, at *LEAST* he can respect actual training sessions, right.
Nope, apparently not.
(RED FLAG.) She asks if it’s a date, and he assures her that no, it’s not a date, definitely not, unless *puppy eyes* that’s what she wants.
And thank God she says “no, it’s not,” because *Jesus*, man, get it together, just a little.
RED FLAG!) When Colleen is understandably hesitant to have lunch with him (because ALL THE RED FLAGS!), Claire volunteers to give up the rest of her session and join them for lunch.
And note–this is important–Danny says “no, that’s not necessary,” and Colleen says “no, that’s a great idea.” She is visibly and narratively relieved to have an ally at that table.
It’s flagged quite clearly right here.
And then during the conversation, it comes up that Danny has sworn a vow of chastity, and Colleen is OMG relieved, because *Jesus.* But at the same time, creeps sometimes trick their marks into a false sense of security, so she stays super wary.
(Which is good, because she’s the best character in this show.) And the worst part for me, I think, is that we’re supposed to root for this relationship.
We the audience are supposed to wonder why Colleen’s not falling into Danny’s arms.
Because he’s the hero, of course he gets the girl.
(And let’s not kid ourselves here–he will.
That’s just how Marvel rolls.) I’m deeply suspicious of any message that justifies stalkery harassment with “social ineptitude” or “cultural difference.” We get enough of that “oh, he’s just socially inept–don’t mind the sexist rants on Twitter” crap in real life.
Danny grew up in a context of respect and acknowledgment of others, right.
So why does he do this shit.
If I were Danny, I’d back way the hell off and exercise a little patience and, I dunno, *wisdom.* This is a terrible, *terrible* message that they’re putting out there.
Maybe the show is going to redeem this kind of stalkery, boundary-pushing behavior, then ok, but considering the graceless way they’ve done everything so far, I’m not holding my breath.
(See !) , , Iron Fisting, pt 1.
March 18, 2017 1 So I’m currently watching Marvel’s IRON FIST, and I haz the thoughts.
I write this review while I’m watching Episode 4 (spoilers for that far), having seen the previous three.
I will watch more.
Read on to find out why.

Iron Fist: Marvel’s participation in the kung-fu craze of the 70s

translated into today’s world Let me preface this by citing my own biases: I’m a pretty big comics fan.
Within the fandom, I’m probably only considered minor, but I’ve read a lot of comics and know a lot about Marvel’s principal gravy trains.
I’ve seen all the Marvel movies, most of them several times each, and more importantly I’ve caught the majority of the references and know what’s going on.
I know very little about Iron Fist, however.
I’m pretty neutral as regards the character, much like Luke Cage (if I go back and do a review series about that show as well).
Haven’t read many of his books or thought much of his crossover appearances.
So I’m not coming into this with any particular biases for or against the character, nor do I know much about his supporting cast and rogue’s gallery.
This allows me to watch the show without preconceived notions.
I’d also like to acknowledge the review work that has already been done here.
There are a lot of critics out there who have disparaged this show for a lot of reasons.[1] There is an important conversation to be had about the problematic ways this show deals with race, orientalism, and the white savior trope, all of which arise from the subject matter and are carried over into the show to some extent.
This review entry will not address those in detail, as I haven’t watched enough of the show to present a full opinion on those subjects.
In the meantime, there’s lots of reading out there to be done regarding cultural appropriation and the racial politics inherent in IRON FIST.
I’ll get into all that later.
For now, I want to talk about the characters and structure of the show, trying to table those major issues for the moment.
I have made an effort to watch the show without all of that in my head and just judge it on its own merits.
The result.
Kind of a mediocre show that’s just kinda there.
It follows the Marvel Netflix structure pretty well.
It follows multiple characters, it uses brief flashbacks that only make sense as you watch the show, it explores multiple themes, it could use more lighting, etc.

But for some reason it’s less compelling than other Marvel Netflix shows

It’s ok, and you might really like it, but it’s just not up to the same level as the other Marvel Netflix shows.
I’ll watch more of the show, but so far, I’m not particularly impressed.
The writing is not great–it lacks the sparkle of previous Netflix Marvel shows.
The acting is mediocre and some of the scenes could use better direction.
The fight scenes are just ok.
They do look more like the unglamorous but efficient reality of martial arts–more about holds and leverage and knowing how to move than brute strength.
But this is TV, and *superhero* TV at that, and I wouldn’t mind seeing it taken up a notch.
I mean, the DAREDEVIL fights were brutal and realistic and great.
Compared to those, IRON FIST’s fight scenes are just kinda meh.
Think of the DAREDEVIL corridor fight in season 1, episode 2 and the stairwell fight near the beginning of season 2, compared to the fight scene in IF episode 4.
It doesn’t feel as epic or immediate or powerful.
As a fantasy writer, I wouldn’t mind it all being a little more fantastic.
But my main problem is, there’s just nothing to latch onto.
In DAREDEVIL, we had Matt’s pathos and drive to punish the wicked, assuaging his own guilt (survivor’s guilt, catholic guilt, lying-to-my-friends guilt, all the guilt).
In JESSICA JONES, it was all about trauma and the fallout of sexual assault (something TV/movies almost never deal with).
In LUKE CAGE, it was the racial tensions of his situation and the struggles of being black in America.
What do we have in IRON FIST.
A clueless white boy who wanders around hoping things will work out for him, and they generally do, because why wouldn’t they.
He’s a good-looking white boy, even if he’s an example of a monk character with a low charisma.
He’s rich, or at least should be, which he ostensibly doesn’t care about but hires Jeri Hogarth (yay!) to fix for him.
What’s he fighting for.
What’s his purpose.
He says he’s the sworn enemy of the Hand and the dedicated protector of K’un-Lun, but we know almost nothing about that city or that story.
When is this show gonna throw us a bone.
This is like reading a book that you think *might* get good, but is just a tedious slog for the first hundred pages or so.
About the Characters: Finn Jones as Danny Rand is ok, but the material he’s working with is pretty generic.
He isn’t Arrow (and that’s good, because he lacks Amell’s charisma or physicality)–his character is much less driven, less in control of himself or his surroundings, etc.
I understand that’s part of where he’s coming from (Zen.
Some sort of eastern philosophy, the show can’t seem to decide.), but he wanders around the set like he’s some Calvin Klein model on rumspringa.
When he interacts with Joy and Steve[1] Meachum, he’s clueless, graceless, and just expects everything to be fine. Yes, maybe that’s the philosophy he comes from, but as pasty and handsome as Jones is, this just comes off as rich white boy entitlement.

(And I’ll bet Marvel never addresses this.) Finn Jones as Danny Rand

the Iron Fist, aka white boy *really* into tai chi And it’s really weird that Rand would be an entitled white boy, because he didn’t grow up that way.
Jones doesn’t have the sense of calm and presence that he needs to come off as believably steeped in eastern mysticism or Buddhism.
I don’t want him to be some sort of stereotype, but I want him to bear the mark of his experiences, not look like he spent the last weekend at a yoga retreat + tai chi in the mornings.
And then, when he interacts with the amazing Henwick as Colleen Wing, where he just starts talking to her in Mandarin (which to my untrained ear sounds like they at least made an attempt) or all the bowing or questions her martial arts skills… It’s unclear if he’s really trying to be respectful or if he’s making fun of her.
And she knows it, too–you can see it in her face.
(Is this what racial minorities deal with all the time from well-meaning but clueless white people.
Spoiler alert: it kinda is.) I think this is a writing mistake.
I think the writers did not consider any of these issues when they crafted this character.
Because there are so many ways they could be addressing this, but they aren’t doing that.
Maybe it’s the hair.
The messy mass of gold curls has got to go.
Or maybe it’s his tendency to talk down to everyone and ignore their “no thank yous” or just plain “no.” He doesn’t respect anyone’s consent, iron fists his way right through boundaries, he’s somehow above everyone in his own mind, and pretends it’s all him being kind and/or respectful.
Rather than coming off as respectful or humble, he comes off as an entitled jerk.
I do appreciate that Jones seems human and disoriented.
He’s obviously suffering from severe culture shock, though I’d like to see them play that up more.
Have him go into a department store, look around, and just go “why?” Why so much excess.
How do people live like this.
Marvel could really play this up.
We’ll see if they do.
We get a healthy dose of “cruel mental hospital” in episode 2, and it does make us start to wonder whether Danny is really Danny, just like everyone else wonders.
You know, after “the Incident,” I’d expect people in the MCU to be a little more credulous when it comes to super powers and mysterious backstories.
But I guess it’s reasonable.

Colleen Wing is my favorite character thus far

Not surprising, since the Daughters of the Dragon are great in the comics.
Can’t wait until she catches up with Misty Knight.
She’s beautiful, obviously, but she’s also tough, independent, and has more of a moral compass than most of the other characters.
She’s way more grounded than Danny with his hippie zen white boy act.
And she’s gonna be a great martial presence in the show, .

Assuming Marvel doesn’t frat-boy out and make Danny her savior at every turn

Also, the little nods to her white costume from the comics are pretty great.
(The more that happens, the better as far as I’m concerned–episode 4 is very rewarding in that respect.) She’s also not exoticized but allowed to be the cool American young woman she is whilst maintaining her very specific philosophies.
Her arc is thus far about remaining true to herself.
Adhering to a code of conduct and behavior based on Bushido vs.
the needs of the living in the real world, like money to run her business, etc.
We see this when Chris[2] Meachum tries to bribe her to lie on a form to get Danny committed, and then again when she goes to an underground UFC fight, despite telling her students that fighting for money is dishonorable.
I’m interested to see where this goes.
Colleen Wing aka the Daughter of the Dragon, scrappy martial arts instructor, and basically the person carrying this whole show It’s unclear what ethnic heritage Colleen is supposed to have in the show.
In the comics, Colleen is a red-haired Japanese-American, having a white father and a native Japanese mother.
Henwick is from Singapore, so at least she’s East Asian, but it’s unclear how the show is intending to present her.
Danny started speaking to her in mandarin as soon as they met, suggesting he read her as Chinese, but she corrected him pretty quickly and asked him to “speak English or Japanese–I haven’t spoken Mandarin since I was a little girl.” Which suggests she’s fluent in Japanese, which is also the source of the martial arts that she teaches at the dojo (near as I can tell–their exclamations were Japanese, and their prayers in episode 4 are Japanese).
And–and here’s the big one–she is all about Bushido, which is the code of honor followed by samurai, who are distinctly *Japanese*, not Chinese.
A Chinese-American fluent in Japanese and only passable in Chinese, who holds herself to the code of Bushido (a Japanese philosophy).
That’s possible.
But I also know TV and films have a tendency to look for “Asian” in their actors, and not be a lot more specific than that.

The part in episode 3 where Colleen spars with Danny is interesting

but probably not in the way Marvel intended.
Yes, he’s kind of mansplaining/whitesplaining martial arts to her, but it could be that he’s just talking about a different style than her own, and he’s teaching her.
The optics of that aren’t great (white dude better at martial arts than Asian lady.
Yay!), and he’s being hugely presumptuous.
Which kinda fits in with his “I grew up in a monastery for 15 years and have no social skills of any kind.” But that’s no more an excuse here than it is on Twitter.
If a guy is disrespectful to a woman, “he’s awkward” isn’t an acceptable excuse.
And Wing did indeed call him out on it, albeit indirectly–she showed him the door–though he managed to weasel his way into her good graces for plot reasons.
Obviously, she is fully within her rights to forgive him for being a clueless dick, but I’d like to see Danny come to terms with how inappropriate his behavior often is, and make efforts to make amends.
The chances of that seem low, but it’s always possible.
If anything is going to keep me watching this show, it is gong to be Colleen Wing.
On the Meachums: These are pretty interesting villains.
Joy is caught in the middle of it all, though I’m expecting a heel-turn at some point.
She reminds me of Laurel from Arrow, mostly because of the hair (I don’t know what it is about haircuts in this show) and because Danny is constantly mooning over her the way Oliver does Laurel.
I’m not sure if Joy’s going to be a love interest, but he’s really committed to her.
And she twists him around her finger like it’s no big thing.
(Note: See footnote 2, but I’m apologizing in advance for any confusion raised in using multiple names for Ward.
The show also confused me, and I’m making a point here.) Her brother Chet[2] is a cartoonish bully type, but at least we’re seeing some of the reasons for his behavior and outlook.
Barron Meachum boasts one of the most punch-able faces in all of these Netflix Marvel shows, and I am very much looking forward to Danny punching him right in the kisser.
Or maybe Colleen Wing, which would be even better.
Their father Harold Meachum is intriguing as a behind-the-scenes Kingpin type, and I’m wondering about his moral dimension as well.
Ward and Joy Meachum–spoiler alert, they’re the bad guys Mostly the value of these characters, as I see it so far, is the discussion of bullying and the ongoing cycle of violence.
Trent bullies Danny, Grant is bullied by his father Harold, who was in turn bullied by his father, and probably his before him.
It’s the whole fratboy mentality: violence is learned and passed on to the next generation.
When will the cycle end, one is led to wonder.
Are bullies redeemable.
I mean, I’m not invested in Chaz being redeemed–that guy is a major asshole–but they’re setting this up as a useful side story.
Also, yay for Jeri Hogarth and Madame Gao.
Well, I’ll keep watching.
You might like it as well.
[1] A friend of mine recently said that Iron Fist is worse than any superhero movie or show he’s ever seen, including Green Lantern, which is fighting words.
???? [2] I know his name is Ward, but he’s such a generic white rich corporate frat boy bully villain that I was initially confused about what his name was supposed to be, even when they’d just said it thirty seconds before.
There is nothing that stands out about this character.
He’s just “mean entitled white boy.” And so I find myself giving him a succession of such names.
See also: Donald, George, Mike, and Dick.
Further reading: http://io9.gizmodo.com/it-actually-really-really-sucks-that-tv-s-iron-fist-is-1762435382 http://www.cracked.com/blog/how-iron-fist-killed-marvels-winning-streak/ Completed Iron Fist review, part 2: https://erikscottdebie.com/2017/03/27/iron-fisting-pt-2-conclusion/ Don’t miss my “Iron Fist is an Entitled White Boy Jerk” series: https://erikscottdebie.com/2017/03/20/iron-fist-is-an-entitled-white-boy-jerk/ https://erikscottdebie.com/2017/03/21/iron-fist-is-an-entitled-white-boy-jerk-pt-2/ That makes it sound like I hate this show, which isn’t the case, but there are things that grate on me.
Final review to be written once I finish it.
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