How Data Science Can Benefit Nonprofits

How Data Science Can Benefit Nonprofit s.
August 4, 20200 Comments in , Use Case by Luke Smith Image Source: Data science is the poster child of the 21st century and for good reason.
Data-based decisions have streamlined, automated, and made businesses more efficient than ever before, and there are practically no industries that haven’t recognized its immense potential.
But when you think of data science application, sectors like marketing , finance, technology, SMEs, and even education are the first that come to mind.
There’s one more sector that’s proving to be an untapped market for data—the social sector.
At first, one might question why non-profit organizations even need complex data applications , but that’s just it—they don’t.
What they really need is data tools that are simple and reliable, because if anything, accountability is the most important component of the way non-profits run.

Challenges for Non-profits and Data Science

If you’re wondering why many non-profits haven’t already hopped onto the data bandwagon, its because in most cases they lac k one big thing—quality data.
One reason is that effective data application requires clean data, and heaps of it, something non-profits struggle with.
Most don’t sell products or services, and their success is reliant on broad, long-term ( sometimes decades) results and changes, which means their outcomes are highly unmeasurable.
Metrics and data seem out of place when appealing to donors, who are persuaded more by emotional campaigns .
Data collection is also rare, perhaps only being recorded when someone signs up to the program or leaves, and hardly any tracking in between.
The result is data that’s too little and unreliable to make effective change.
Perhaps the most important phase, data collection relies heavily on accurate and organized processes.
For non-profits that don’t have the resources for accurate and manual record-keeping, clean, and quality data collection is a huge pain point.
However, that is an issue now easily avoidable .
For instance, avoiding duplicate files, adopting record-keeping methods like off-site and cloud storage , digital retention, and of course back-up plans—are all processes that could save non-profits time, effort, and risk.
On the other hand, poor record management has its consequences , namely on things like fund allocation, payroll, budgeting, and taxes.
It could lead to financial risk, legal trouble, and data loss — all added worries for already under-resourced non-profit organization s.
But now, as non- government al organizations (NGOs) and non-profits catch up and invest more in data collection processes, there’s room for data science to make its impact.
A growing global movement.

‘Data For Good’ represents individuals

companies, and organizations volunteering to create or use data to help further social causes ad support non-profit organizations.

This ‘Data For Good’ movement includes tools for data work that are donated or subsidized

as well as educational programs that serve marginalized communities.
As the movement gains momentum, non-profits are seeing data seep into their structures and turn processes around.
How Can Data Do Social Good?.

With data science set to take the non-profit sector by storm

let’s look at some of the ways data can do social good: Improving communication with donors: Knowing when to reach out to your donors is key.
In between a meeting.
You’re unlikely to see much enthusiasm.
Once they’re at home with their families.
You may see wonderful results, .

As pointed out in this Forbes article

The article opines that data can help non-profits understand and communicate with their donors better.

Donor targetting: Cold calls are a hit and miss

and with data on their side, non-profits can discover and define their ideal donor and adapt their messaging to reach out to them for better results.
Improving cost efficiency: Costs are a major priority for non-profits and every penny counts.
Data can help decrease costs and streamline financial planning.

Increasing new member sign-ups and renewals: Through data

non-profits can reach out to the right people they want on-board, strengthen recruitment processes and keep track of volunteers reaching out to them for future events or recruitment drives.

Modeling and forecasting performance: With predictive modeling tools

non-profits can make data-based decisions on where they should allocate time and money for the future, rather than go on gut instinct.
Measuring return on investment: For a long time, the outcomes of social campaigns have been perceived as intangible and immeasurable—it’s hard to measure empowerment or change.
With data, non-profits can measure everything from the amount a fundraiser raised against a goal, the cost of every lead in a lead generation campaign, etc.

Streamlining operations: Finally

non-profits can use data tools to streamline their business processes internally and invest their efforts into resources that need it.
It’s true, measuring good and having social change down to a science is a long way off — but data application is a leap forward into a more efficient future for the social sector.
With mission-aligned processes, data-driven non-profits can realize their potential, redirect their focus from trivial tasks, and onto the bigger picture to drive true change.
Luke Smith.

Luke Smith is a writer and researcher turned blogger

Since finishing college he is trying his hand at being a freelance writer.
He enjoys writing on a variety of topics but technology and digital marketing topics are his favorite.
When he isn’t writing you can find him traveling, hiking, or gaming.
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2017 0 Comments On a CTP call today

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Citrix “Old” Provisioning Services Documentation Script Update 4.292

May 10, 2020 0 Comments While old scripts that are not actively maintained do not get new features, they do get bug fixes.
#Version 4.292 10-May-2020 Add checking for a Word version of 0, which indicates the Office installa Continue reading.
Citrix Provisioning Services Health Check Script Update Version 1.22 (aka The Guy Leech Update).
April 28.

2020 0 Comments Version 1.22 28-Apr-2020 First off

I want to thank fellow CTPs Matthias Schlimm and Guy Leech for their help in finding issues, suggesting fixes, and testing this update.
Guy Leech was a big help in Continue reading.
Citrix Provisioning Services 7.x Documentation Script Update Version 5.21.
April 28.

2020 0 Comments Version 5.21 8-May-2020 First off

I want to thank René J.
for reporting several bugs in the script and patiently testing every update.
I also want to thank fellow CTPs Matthias Schlimm and Guy Leech Continue reading.
Citrix Provisioning Services 7.x Documentation Script Update Version 5.20.
December 20, 2019 0 Comments Version 5.20 20-Sep-2019 Fixed an extra set of {} on a Default Switch statement Default {{$xType = “Undefined”; Break }} This caused “$xType = “Undefined”; Break” Continue reading.
Citrix Provisioning Services Health Check Script Update Version 1.21.
September 9, 2019 0 Comments Version 1.21 9-Sep-2019 Fix incorrect LicenseSKU value for PVS version 7.19 and later You can always find the most current script by going to Continue reading.
Citrix Provisioning Services 7.x Documentation Script Update Version 5.18.
September 9, 2019 0 Comments Version 5.18 9-Sep-2019 Fix incorrect LicenseSKU value for PVS version 7.19 and later Fix issue with Versions vDisk tables You can always find the most current script by going to https://carlwebste Continue reading.
Citrix Provisioning Services Health Check Script Update Version 1.20.
July 8.

2019 0 Comments Version 1.20 8-Jul-2019 Added to Farm properties

Citrix Provisioning license type: On-Premises or Cloud (new to 1808) Added to vDisk properties, Accelerated Office Activation (new to 1906) Added to Continue reading.
Citrix Provisioning Services 7.x Documentation Script Update Version 5.17.
July 8.

2019 0 Comments Version 5.17 8-Jul-2019 Added to Farm properties

Citrix Provisioning license type: On-Premises or Cloud (new to 1808) Added to vDisk properties, Accelerated Office Activation (new to 1906) Added to Continue reading.
Citrix Provisioning Services Health Check Script Update Version 1.19.
May 3, 2019 0 Comments #Version 1.19 3-May-2019 Remove the following regkeys from analysis as they are for target devices, not PVS Servers (thanks to Johan Parlevliet for pointing this out) HKLM:\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\ Continue reading.
Citrix Provisioning Services Health Check Script Update Version 1.18.
April 18, 2019 0 Comments #Version 1.18 18-Apr-2019 Fix bug reported by Johan Parlevliet If either SQL server name has a port number, remove it before finding the IP address You can always find the most current script by Continue reading.
Citrix Provisioning Services Health Check Script Update Version 1.17.
April 15, 2019 0 Comments #Version 1.17 15-Apr-2019 Added Function ShowScriptOptions to show Parameters and some script values at the start of the script Changed the output of Appendix N to match the sort order Fixed bug pre Continue reading.
Citrix Provisioning Services Health Check Script Update Version 1.16.
April 9, 2019 0 Comments #Version 1.16 9-Apr-2019 While the version number increased only .01, this is a big update.
I want to thank all the CTAs and CTPs who tested this script, found bugs, and provided input and feedback.
T Continue reading.
Citrix Provisioning Services Health Check Script Update Version 1.14.
April 7, 2018 0 Comments #Version 1.14 7-Apr-2018 Added Operating System information to Functions GetComputerWMIInfo and OutputComputerItem Code clean-up for most recommendations made by Visual Studio Code You can always fi Continue reading.
Citrix “Old” Provisioning Services Documentation Script Update 4.29.
April 7, 2018 0 Comments #Version 4.29 7-Apr-2018 Added Operating System information to Functions GetComputerWMIInfo and OutputComputerItem Code clean-up for most recommendations made by Visual Studio Code You can always fi Continue reading.
Citrix Provisioning Services 7.x Documentation Script Update Version 5.16.
April 7, 2018 0 Comments #Version 5.16 7-Apr-2018 Added Operating System information to Functions GetComputerWMIInfo and OutputComputerItem Code clean-up for most recommendations made by Visual Studio Code You can always fi Continue reading.
Citrix Provisioning Services 7.x Documentation Script Update Version 5.14.
June 27, 2017 0 Comments Version 5.14 27-Jun-2017 Added four new Cover Page properties Company Address Company Email Company Fax Company Phone Added support for version 7.14 Removed code that made sure all Parameters were Continue reading.
Citrix Provisioning Services 7.x Documentation Script Update Version 5.13 (aka The Jim Moyle Update).
March 30.

2017 2 Comments I was minding my own business

doing an Active Directory migration in Phoenix when all the madness started.
I started getting a flood of emails from some bloke in England (who claims to be one of my s Continue reading.
Citrix Provisioning Services Health Check Script Update Version 1.13.
March 29, 2017 0 Comments On a CTP call today, we were given one piece of information that shocked me.
The piece of information is that a large percentage of vDisks are configured for “Cache on Server”.
No wonder C Continue reading.
Citrix Provisioning Services Health Check Script Update Version 1.12.
February 28.

2017 0 Comments While helping a customer with a PVS issue

we noticed their PVS service had no failure actions set.
I figured that would be a good item to add to the PVS Assessment script.
#Version 1.12 28-Feb-2017 Continue reading.
Citrix Provisioning Services 7.x Documentation Script Update Version 5.12.
February 22, 2017 0 Comments #Version 5.12 21-Feb-2017 Added back “Use Datacenter licenses for desktops if no Desktop licenses are available” to Farm properties This was added back in PVS 7.13 Fixed French wording Continue reading.
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Well free as in you need an MDATP licence first

mdatp security web windows 10.
July 7, 2020.

No Comments on Free Web Content Filtering With Microsoft Defender ATP

Well free as in you need an MDATP licence first.

But as this used to be an add on feature on top of MDATP with an additional cost

this is now effectively free once you are licensed for MDATP.
The feature enables your organisation to track and regulate access to websites based on their content categories.
Many of these websites, while not malicious, might be problematic due to compliance regulations, bandwidth usage, or other concerns.
So how do you set it up from scratch.
Visit the MDATP admin portal at and click the cog icon to change to the settings view.
Under General.

Advanced Features enable Preview Features (whilst this feature is in preview

once it stops being a preview feature this step is no longer required).
On the same list of Advanced Features toggle the option for Web Content Filtering to enable the feature and click Save Preferences.
Enabling Web Content Filtering in MDATP Settings In the option where you enable Web Content Filtering click the link to create a web content filtering policy to take you to the settings for this feature.
This opens a second tab but all it does it takes you to the Web Content Filtering node of the Settings page.

Click + Add Item to start adding content filtering categories

First, .

Give the policy a name and click Next

Then choose a category or parent category.
For example you could select the parent category Adult Content which will turn on seven categories, or you could select just a category such as Nudity.
The parent categories are, in addition to Adult Content, High Bandwidth (with peer to peer, and streaming media sites included), Legal Liability (with categories such as child abuse, hacking, and criminal activity included), Leisure (including chat, games, and social networking as categories) and the blanket Uncategorized.
Blocked Categories page in MDATP Web Content Filtering policy creation Click Next and then enable for all devices in your admin scope (so if you are Global Admin, that’s all devices!) or pick one or more device groups.
Roll Out Web Content Filtering To A Device Group You need to have made the device groups in advance of setting up the policy, and this is available from the Settings page as well.
In the above screenshot I have selected the UK device group which is a MDATP Tag set by the registry on all our UK machines.
Create a pilot group tag and roll out this feature to a limited number of devices to test.

Click Next to get to the Summary page and then finish the policy creation

Web Content Filtering Policies in MDATP The policy you created and others if you have more than one are then shown.
There are no client agents to install for this feature to work – the MDATP sensor built into Windows 10 (1609 and later) does all the work.
The website categories that are blocked are blocked in the browser with a warning.

Blocks are performed by SmartScreen (Edge) and Network Protection (Chrome and Firefox)

Network Protection is not a message in the browser though – it is a popup at the Operating System level.

The Web Content Filter interrupts network traffic to the blocked sites

so Chrome and Firefox will show a network level error, and the OS popup will give the reason.
Edge Browser integrates with the OS to show a proper error message (unless SmartScreen is disabled, in which case Network Protection will be the experience here in Edge as well).
Edge SmartScreen Block In addition to the browser “requirement” for a nice error message, you also need to have the latest updates for Windows Defender signatures and platform, known as MoCAMP.
An Advanced Hunting query on GitHub allows you to check the versions across your MDATP estate.
All viewed categories, blocked or not blocked, are reported back to MDATP via the telemetry – so you can create reports on the visited site categories even without blocking users.
These reports are available from the MDATP portal and Reports > Web Protection: Web Protection Report in MDATP The above screenshot shows the only activity at the moment was Custom Indicators (see Blocking Apps With A Low Reputation) but as categories of web content and browsed they will appear on this report.

Web Categories As Shown On Day Web Content Filtering Was Turned On

You can access the Report details for each card by selecting a table row or coloured bar from the chart in the card.
The report details page for each card contains data about web content categories, website domains, and device groups.

If you create a Web Content Filtering Policy that has no blocked items in it

but apply this to all devices, you will get a report within a few days of the scope of all your users across all your devices (in MDATP that is) and the categories of URL they are visiting.
Therefore, if you need to know what to block before you block it – create a policy that does not include any categories to block.
2007 certificates iis pkcs powershell web Creating Subject Alternative Name Certificates with Microsoft Certificate Server.
March 13, 2007.
No Comments on Creating Subject Alternative Name Certificates with Microsoft Certificate Server.

A new feature in digital certificates is the Subject Alternative Name property

This allows you to have a certificate for more than one URI (i.e. and in the same certificate.
It also means that in web servers such as IIS you can bind this certificate to the site and use up only one IP address.
A number of commercial companies now sell certificates with the Subject Alternative Name field set, but this article describes how to use the Exchange Server 2007 command line to create certificate requests for other web sites that can be uploaded to Microsoft Certificate Server (which does not support this property in its own web pages) to create certificates for web servers such as IIS (which also do not support this property in the requests that they make).
The command that you need to run is via PowerShell, and specifically via the Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 extensions to PowerShell.
So start up the Microsoft Management Shell and enter the following (replacing your domain names as indicated: New-ExchangeCertificate -GenerateRequest:$true -Path c:\newCert.req -DomainName,, -PrivateKeyExportable:$true -FriendlyName “My New Certificate” -IncludeAcceptedDomains:$false -Force:$true The DomainName property is set to each URL that you want the certificate to be valid for, with the first value in the string being the value for the Subject field and all the values each being used in the Subject Alternative Name field.
Once you have executed the command above you will have a file with the name set in the Path property.
This file can be opened in Notepad and used in Microsoft Certificate Services: Browse to your Microsoft Certificate Services URL and click Request a certificate.
Click advanced certificate request.
Click submit a certificate….
Copy and paste the entire text of the certificate request from notepad into the Saved Request field on this page and select Web Server as the Certificate Template.
Click Submit.
With a default installation the Web Server template value will not be present and that needs to be enabled by your Certificate Services administrator for your user account.
With the default installation of Certificate Services, the certificate will now be ready to download.
Click Download certificate (or Download Certificate Chain if the end server does not trust your issuer) to save your certificate to the computer.
Install the certificate on to the same computer that you issued the request from (this is a very important step), and then you can export the certificate and import it on your web server or firewalls.
To install the certificate, run the Import-ExchangeCertificate powershell command on the same computer as the request was issued from (this is a very important, it must be on the same computer).
This is a simpler command to run that the creation of the request above.
The syntax of this command is (where the filename is the name of the file downloaded above): Import-ExchangeCertificate c:\newCert.cer To export the certificate to your web server or firewall you need to open the local computer certificate store in the Microsoft Management Console – run mmc, add a snap-in and choose Certificates, Computer account.
You will find your certificates under the Personal store.
You can right-click these certificates and export them (with the private key) to a .pfx file.
This file can then be imported using the MMC tool on the web server or firewall ready for importing using an mmc with the certificates/computer account snap-in load into it.
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Suite IRM isa ISA Server 2004 ISA Server 2006 JetNexus journal journaling Kemp kerberos lab licence Live Event load balancer Load Master loadbalancer logo Lync Server mailbox malware management mcafee mcas mcm mcsm mdatp MDM media player MFA microsoft Microsoft 365 Microsoft Cloud App Security Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection Microsoft Teams migration Mobile Device Management mobile phones modern authentication monthly channel move msExchDelegateListBL msExchDelegateListLink MSOL multi-factor auth Multi-Factor Authentication MVP MX ndr Netscaler networking NTL OAuth OD4B ODFB off offensive Office Office 365 Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection Office 365 Groups Office 365 ProPlus oledb OneDrive OneDrive For Business openmanage orange organization relationships osma Outlook owa OWA for Devices password paxton pbx permissions PFDAVAdmin phish phishing phone factor pkcs pki places policy powershell pptp preview Proof Of Concept proxy pst PSTN PSTN Conferencing Public Folders recovery remote desktop remote web workplace retention retention policies rms room router rras rtp rules rww Safe Attachments Safe Documents Safe Links Salesforce sbs 2008 SCOM sdk search security Security and Compliance Center self-service password reset semi-annual channel send-on-behalf server administrator server core shared mailbox sharepoint sip Skype For Business Online Skype for Business Server smarthost smartphone sms smtp spam spf spoof spv SQL sql express SSL SSO sspr sstp starttls storage card Stream supervision sync error sysprep Teams TechEd terminal server Terminal Services text message Threat Management TLS tmg token2 transport transport agent ts gateway Uncategorized unif unified messaging update upgrade vc++ vhd virtual pc virtual server virtualisation vista visual studio vm VNet Voicemai voicemail.

Essential Tips for First-Person Shooter Games from Experts

Essential Tips for First-Person Shooter Games from Experts.

02 Jun Essential Tips for First-Person Shooter Games from Experts

Posted at 06:36h in Tips by A

Taylor 0 Comments 0 Individual gamers and other such players tend to take time in order to get comfortable with games.
Based on the requirements of the game, everyone needs practise to formulate things into action.
Considering the fact that such aspects take time, we are here with a few tips to help you out.
Coming from experts and other professionals, these tips will give you the right idea about the game and also about the many steps that you need to implement.
Hence, go ahead and read them out.

The Location and the Map Before jumping into action

the first thing that you need to do is to familiarise yourself with the location.
For this very purpose, you need to understand the map and the entire direction through which it takes you.
Once you’re aware of the same, you will be on board to take down enemies since your focus tends to be present in every nook and corner of the map.
Having such skills for top games like Call of Duty and Battlefield will definitely help you capture the right start.
Guns and Ammunition First-person Shooter games generally give out guns and weapons based on your level.
But to cross hurdles and reach the right stage, you need to be able to utilize your arms to the right extent.
To achieve the same, you need to spend proper and extended sessions with different guns until you find one that suits your level of comfort.
The same goes out for explosives as their requirement on the to be critical.

Volume and Objectives The entire needs to be felt at the right volume

and you should never make compromises on this regard.
Once your volume is at the correct limit, you can proceed to face things the way it needs to be faced and also take down your enemies.
Apart from that, you also need to keep an eye out for objectives and try to finish them at the earliest.
Completing each task as it comes will raise your rank and also bring out suitable benefits.
Ideal Corners Finding the and take down your enemies is another aspect that should be taken seriously.
The knowledge that you have about the map should be utilized for this purpose, and you need to find specific corners.
By placing yourself in such spots, you can proceed to shoot them down and finish the match in style.
But in case the terrain is a difficult one, and you need to keep moving, then always think about taking cover before proceeding ahead into action.
Hence, remember these points and let the process of gaming take over.
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email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Bras and Boardgames.
Jenn July 26, 2019.
I had just ensured a girlfriend of mine that her time that night was better suited towards self-care and not our weekly board gaming group when I heard a middle-aged man loudly bemoan “where have all the women gone?” It took every fiber in my loud-mouthed being not to assertively point out that the majority of the people playing his game were female and that I was at the next game over.
I marked the general confusion on the face of the woman sitting next to me before turning back to whatever heated battle for victory points I was involved in at the time.
Forgetting, for the moment, the creep factor of an adult man taking roll call  only on women in a very crowded room of gamers, consider for a moment what it feels like to not “be enough.”  That is the paradox that women live into when we (board)game.
We want to be “enough” at a table but we know that having more women (board)gamers in our lives would be a net gain.  “Why aren’t more women gaming,” while well-meaning, isn’t the correct question to consider when you look up from your Brass board or your Tichu cards and see three other men staring back at you.
“Why aren’t more women here” is getting warmer, but not quite yet on the nose.
Instead, we want you to consider “how can I/we make the most comfortable space for EVERY (board)gamer.”  My goal in this series is to highlight for you the major issues women face when they dedicate themselves to the board gaming hobby.
They start way before we even sit down at the table and linger with us sometimes as we journey home afterward.  This feeling of not being safe as a woman (board)gamer stems out into two broader themes.
1) I am not good enough to play at the “big boys” table and 2) I must accept open sexism and sexual harassment in the name of “fitting in.” These are not problems we face only when sitting down to kick some butt whether it be at Monikers or Castles of Burgundy.
These messages of not being “good enough” and of having to accept being gawked at run rampant in every aspect of our lives.  We do not want this at our gaming tables.
We deserve better.
If you don’t believe me that our broader societal ecosystem drills these messages into women and girls from all sides or if you are unaware of this fact, then I am happy you have come to me, because I would like to have this discussion with all the nuance and compassion it deserves.
If you are one of the men struggling to know how to create an inclusive space for women then I am grateful for your efforts and remind you that you will only be able to create those spaces with our partnership.
Whichever side of this scale that you are on, please listen to our stories, because there are many.  Too many.  Vicky Leta / Mashable Let’s come back to how creepy it is that an older man took notice only that women were missing from his group.
I don’t disagree that more women should (board)game, but this moment made me feel watched.
It also made me feel defensive: first, of not appreciating the company of the people that did show up and second, of women who prioritize their time differently.
This leads back to feelings of unworthiness and of being on display particularly for male enjoyment.
This reality is in stark contrast to why we actually game.
We game to be social.
We game as an escape from the world.

We game to win.  Contrary to popular belief: women (board)gamers are out there

We run game groups and game shops.

We participate in Magic the Gathering Tournaments

enjoy DND, and curate our tabletop collections.
We even design your games and playtest them.
Unfortunately, however, we are also sometimes wary of participating because of our own anxieties about the topics I mentioned above.  No one should ever feel scared to try out such a diverse and worthwhile hobby.
Nor should anyone already involved in the hobby feel unwelcome.
On this, I hope we can agree.
Because let’s be real.
(Board)gaming at its core already has the potential to be stress-inducing.
As (board)gamers, we choose to put ourselves into competition with one another repeatedly.

That’s the way this whole thing works.  Whether we like it or not

(board)gaming is easily susceptible to toxicity aimed at women because of its competitive nature.
Each individual players’ sense of self-worth and ego becomes tied to a series of wins and losses.
Some of us even get a thrill from tracking our statistics.
Seeing as insecurity about achieving “masculine” ideals is at the root of gender-based discrimination, it stands to reason that this too is at the heart of why the (board)gaming community frequently undervalues and harasses its female participants.  Womens March 500 Piece Puzzle.
Illustrator: Jennifer Orkin Lewis The Gloria Steinem quote around the edge of the puzzle pictured above is “We are linked, we are not ranked, and this is a day that will change us forever because we are together, each of us individually and collectively will never be the same again.” This sentiment, while true in a philosophical sense, falls a little short when you think about (board)gaming.

In this hobby we are linked AND ranked

We are a community constantly under the pressure of one’s performance being measured.
It is a human pattern to dislike when someone who we think is weaker than us might be better at something.
Especially, when being good at that something fills us with a sense of pride.
Just because it is understandable, it does not make it right to continue bogus and harmful patterns that send people home feeling unintelligent and unworthy.  At the end of the day, there are healthy and unhealthy environments for women to (board)game in.
Even in a healthy environment, there are outliers.
So the goal here is to help you see how words and actions play on the minds of women (board)gamers.
We can never fully avoid the toxic behaviors and societal pressures that I mentioned, .

But we can TOGETHER address them when they present themselves

The online gaming realm has reporting and blocking systems in place to prevent toxicity.
How can we work together as a community to care for each other and make more welcoming board game tables?  Footnote: In this article, I am using the term (board)gaming because these toxic behaviors are also present in the video gaming community and I want to acknowledge the intersectionality of women whose primary hobby is board gaming and those who also partake in online video games, like myself.
Moving forward, the articles are primarily about the board gaming community and will not use this format.

Episode 231 – Bras and Board Games

ENGN Preview Series 46 – Adventure Tactics: Domianne’s Tower with Nicholas Yu and Dan Letzring.
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Best Board Game Blogs of the Week

Beginning in the Middle.
A mid-week recap of the best blog posts from the last 7 days.
October 17, 2014 0 Shares.
Hump Day Dump (8/6): The Probability of Fillers in your Adventuring Kit.
A mid-week dump of the best blog posts from the last 7 days I’ve.
August 10, 2014 0 Shares.
Making, Breaking, and Customizing Games with Children.
I’ve never been one for customizing board games.
Drew loves it – mash ups.
October 7, .

2015 0 Shares

Zombicide: Green Horde, CMON Kickstarters, and FOMO.
CMON is at it again.
Zombicide: Green Horde has laid claim to our wallets,.
June 17, .

2017 0 Shares

The Reddit Report: It”s Good To Be the Kingmaker!

(The Reddit Report is a weekly look at the most interesting and informative Reddit

August 17, 2014 0 Shares.
I’ve got a bone to pick with you, Buonocore….
One of my favorite podcasts is Board Games Insider.
I love it.
New episodes.
June 11, 2017 0 Shares Board Gamers Anonymous is a network of board game lovers who write, record, and publish reviews and articles about their favorite games.
Featuring two podcasts, weekly written reviews, and an active YouTube channel, BGA is the place to be for all board game content.
If you have a question about any of our publications or would like to submit an article tip or game for review, you can.

Download the FREE version or the paid AD-FREE version

Posted on January 12, 2015 by • 0 Comments 7/10.
Gameplay – 7.5/10.
Replay Value – 4.5/10 4.5/10.
Originality – 9/10.

7/10 ( votes) Sending

Free To Play.
Diverse Levels of Gameplay.
Grows Repetitive.
The Zhii’s are on the loose, running around like crazy! Just poke and ENJOY.
Download the FREE version or the paid AD-FREE version.
A game for all ages.
10 simple levels to choose from, yet challenging and amusing.
LOVABLE characters.
Poke away and have FUN!.
Download to your mobile and tablet devices.
Download pokeazhii.
Download QR-Code poke a zhii Artes Media Pro Download QR-Code poke a zhii Artes Media Productions.
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2013 51 Comments If you are from Seattle


Bitter Film Review of Gravity Starring Sandra Bullock

July 30, 2014 130 Comments   There are bad movies that are so bad that they are still good.  Then there are good movies that are so good they are really bad.  Then there are movies like Gravity starring Sandra Bullock and kind of George Clooney.  Yes, I am talking about a movie that came out last October and made … Continue reading Bitter Film Review of Gravity Starring Sandra Bullock.
I love the end of the month, because it is a way where we can all come together and assign tasks to each that we have been procrastinating for the whole month.  I think it brings us father apart as friends and family and co-workers.  I like to think of the last day of the month, ….
Most people would be surprised to know this about me.

But I am neither invincible or indestructible.  Because of this

from time to time, I get sick.  Sometimes I even have pain.  I am very bitter about this, but it is something even I have to deal with.  When my drug of choice, Aleve, isn”t ….
Bitter Barista Bitterness.
February 25, 2013 51 Comments If you are from Seattle, maybe you have heard of this travesty of a blog called the “Bitter Barista”.  I don”t want to get this dude any more famous than he already is, but he is this guy who works at a coffee shop who started a blog about things that made him bitter while … Continue reading Bitter Barista Bitterness.
The last of an epic 6 part Universal/Disney Bitterness Series.  As long as this is to read, you will want to stick around until the the very end.
Remember when you were young and, after toiling for 9 long months in the slammer (school) you were able to experience the first day of summer?  You ….
Today is January 2nd, or as I like to call it, everyone returns from vacation to school and work day.  Everyone is all bitter because they don”t want to return to work or school and they take it out on me.  They drive their cars on the road that I was so used to owning ….
Everyday I drive to work there are like a million signs(I started a count and by the end I just estimated) everywhere I look.  Sometimes while I drive I get so busy texting or reading my email that I don”t have time to look up and ignore them, but the number of them are just mind boggling(or is ….
Mirror Mirror on the wall, Who is the bitterest of them all.
This guy.
They say that the mirror is the gateway or doorway or window to the soul.
And by they, I mean you know that guy or girl that said it once.
Actually, maybe it is the eyes that are the window.
Close enough.
Anyways, ….
Kid Show Parent bitterness.
December 3, 2012December 13.

2012 6 Comments As a lazy person trapped in an efficient world

I have always appreciated the media for it”s ability to make me look like I care about stuff while just sitting and staring at things.  For instance, I have this computer that I sit at and if I just get this focused look on my face, type … Continue reading Kid Show Parent bitterness.
This lemon was just minding his business being all comfortable on the tree, trying to get ripe and all of a sudden someone picks on him(uh I mean picks him).  Do you blame this lemon for being a little bitter and sarcastic?  When life gives you lemons, try not to make them bitter.  Besides, everyone just wants ….
Holiday Bitterness.
November 12, 2012November 13.

2012 3 Comments You can say a lot of negative things about me

because I am a negative and bitter person, but there is one thing that I am good at.  I am a hard worker.  I make it to work early every day and get sick just as much as other people, but I don”t generally call … Continue reading Holiday Bitterness.
Bitter T shirt of the Week.
October 16, 2012November 13, 2012 1 Comment As a person who chooses to write things instead of say things because saying things takes so much effort and is really hard work, my favorite form of expression besides blog writing is T-shirts.  So along comes this T-shirt which would be a perfect way to express myself except the state is wrong.  And the city.  … Continue reading Bitter T shirt of the Week.
The grass is always greener bitterness.
October 1, 2012November 13, .

2012 1 Comment You know what makes me so bitter

Besides everything?  Whatever people have, they always want to be elsewhere.  If they are at work, they want to be at home.  If they are at home, they want to go out.  If they are out, they want to be at home.  When people are single they want to be in a relationship.  When they … Continue reading The grass is always greener bitterness.
Bitter Picture of the Week.
September 27, 2012November 13.

2012 56 Comments This chocolate seems a little like me.  In it”s core

it is chocolate.  But all the other milk chocolate and sweet chocolate are busy being popular with people.  Nobody cares about the bitter chocolate sitting on the shelf being ignored. But they all have the potential to be like me if left on the shelf and ignored.
… Continue reading.
art (14).
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Pirates Don’t Run.
Posted on October 7, 2014 by • 0 Comments.
Gameplay – 6.5/10.
Replay Value – 8/10.
7.2/10 3.0 ( votes) Sending Pirates don’t run (unless chased), unlike Temple Run, does not have anything chasing the protagonist, not apes, nor pirates.
The name might certainly be explained in the story.
The problem with that though is that only the first three pages are readable upon start up.
Players have to pay coins to unlock the story (1,000 per page, or 18,000 total), and even then they face a challenge, as it’s difficult to read with the text being so small.
Power-ups are rarely in an accessible place, as they tend to spawn right in front of a deadly wall that you are supposed to slide under, or just before a body of water far too wide to jump over (run along planks).
Otherwise, the game is nerve-racking, but repetitive.
Coins are slow to come by without the help of the elusive, sabotaging power-ups, but should the player manage to horde an impressive booty of gold, there’s plenty to unlock, from the story, to several character skins, to power-up upgrades, to head starts.
Does it make sense to make four right turns in a row and end up somewhere new.
No, but the pacing is so fast that you’ll rarely have time to really question that.
Overall, the game is straight forward, using the intuitive control of tilt and swipe, up, down, left, right.
All in all, it’s worth a try, but could certainly use some improvements.
Intuitive Controls.
Can Become Tedious.
Slow to Earn Coins.
Power-ups Often Inaccessible.
Pirates Don’t Run is an action packed story driven endless runner you’ve never seen before.
You are running for your life chased by hordes of undead skeleton pirates, which you just summoned from the afterlife. You must run through diverse environments and avoid dangerous obstacles by swiping, tapping and tilting your phone.
Collect coins and make your escape easier by upgrades and power ups. Make your runs visible for the online community, or try to beat other players and get your name to the global highscore ranking in multiple categories. Read an exclusive digital comic book telling a thrilling story of our hero characters adventures in the world filled with pirate myths and legends.
Play the game and unlock the whole epic story! Collectable cards presents unique artwork and exciting information about the world of Pirates Don’t Run.
Play the game and find these beautiful cards from the road.
Collect the whole set and earn very special collector status unlocking secret collector’s cards.
Exciting single player.
Worldwide ranking & online community.
Comic book telling an epic story.
Collectable cards expanding the story and the world.
Upgrade system & power ups.
Beautiful 3D world with endless fun.
Thrilling audio track.
Download Pirates Don’t Run.
The app was not found in the store.
🙁 Google websearch.
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Based on the Eisner Award-winning Fables comic book series

The Wolf Among Us.
Posted on November 2, .

2014 by • 0 Comments Graphics – 10/10

Gameplay – 10/10.
Replay Value – 8/10.
Originality – 9/10.
( votes) Sending.
Beautiful Graphics.
Free To Play.
The Wolf Among Us is a five-part (Episodes 2-5 can be purchased in-app) from the creators of The Walking Dead, winner of over 90 Game of the Year awards.
Fairytale characters are being murdered in this hard-boiled, violent and mature thriller based on the award-winning Fables comic book series (DC Comics/Vertigo) by Bill Willingham.

As Bigby Wolf – THE big bad wolf – you will discover that a brutal

bloody murder is just a taste of things to come in a game series where your every decision can have enormous consequences.
Based on the Eisner Award-winning Fables comic book series.

It’s not only WHAT you choose to do that will affect your story

but WHEN you choose to do it.
A mature and gritty take on characters from fairytales, legends and folklore who have escaped into our world.

A perfect place to begin your Fables journey

even if you’ve not read the comics; this game is set before the events seen in the first issue.
Download The Wolf Among Us.

Download QR-Code ‎The Wolf Among Us Athlon Games


Download QR-Code The Wolf Among Us Athlon Games

Filed Under: , , , DEAD TARGET: Zombie Monster Warlord.
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Sony Vegas Pro 15 Free Download

Category: Programs.

Rocksmith 2014 Edition – Remastered Free Download (Incl

December 29, 2018 No Comments Download Rocksmith 2014 Edition – Remastered for FREE on PC – Released on Oct 4, 2016, Learn how to download and install Rocksmith 2014 Edition – Remastered for free in this article … Read More.
VEGAS Pro 16 Free Download.
September 21, 2018 No Comments VEGAS Pro 16 Free Download – VEGAS Pro 16 is a video editing software that was released on August 28, .

2017 and is a predecessor of the previous VEGAS Pro 15

VEGAS Pro … Read More

Wallpaper Engine Free Download (Build 1.0.981 & Workshop Patch)

August 22, 2018 No Comments Download Wallpaper Engine for FREE on PC – Released on Oct 10, 2016, Learn how to download and install Wallpaper Engine for free in this article and be sure to share this … Read More.
Sony Vegas Pro 15 Free Download.
August 29, 2017 No Comments Sony Vegas Pro 15 Free Download – Sony Vegas Pro 15 is a video editing software that was released not too long ago and is a predecessor of the previous Sony Vegas … Read More.

Sony Vegas Pro 14 Free Download

October 13, 2016 No Comments Sony Vegas Pro 14 Free Download – Sony Vegas Pro 14 is a video editing software that was released not too long ago and is a predecessor of the previous Sony Vegas … Read More.
Fraps Free Download.
April 11, 2016 8 Comments Fraps Free Download – Fraps is a video recording software which is easy to use and very popular among youtubers.
You can easily record Fraps without hassle and view your frames per seconds … Read More.

Sony Vegas Pro 13 Free Download

April 9, 2016 11 Comments Sony Vegas Pro 13 Free Download – Sony Vegas Pro 13 is a video editing software which became extremely popular over the years.
A lot of youtubers and professional movie makers are … Read More.
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