Beast Mask Tutorial with barb wire and Ellimorph only!

Beast Mask Tutorial with barb wire and Ellimorph only!.
By macsmoser  | December 1, 2016 Tweet Time for some epic beast mask madness!.

In this episode we create a very intense mask with just Ellimorph Plastic

colours and a home made barb wire.

The Barb Wire Beast Mask Tutorial can also be followed and recreated using papier mache

tin foil or other methods.
The approach is very simple; prepare a whole bunch of beastly teeth and then proceed to create a mask outline out of Ellimorph Plastic.
Attach all your teeth and start building more on to your mask as you see fit.
Top it all of with a nice paint job and some barb wire.
If you follow the Barb Wire Beast Mask Tutorial to the letter you will end up with one very epic mask, that you can re-use over and over again.
If you use different colours and a little imagination you can use this tutorial to create masks as those seen i the Mad Max: Fury Road movie.

So open your mind and turn this Barb Wire Beast Mask into your very own creation

If you like creating stuff with Ellimorph we really recommend you checking out our Twisty The Clown Mask Tutorial right here on youtube.
That to is created using just ellimorph plastic and some paint.
It also comes with a super gory tutorial to get that nasty clown look going.
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Tha Don and the award for the cutest studdering ever on youtube goes to.
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CJ Crosswell glad to see I’m not the only one who read barb wire breast.
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😀 So happy to hear you like them <3. dani *nosebleed* Thats a nice dress ellis wearing in the intro. Kiss and Kill makeup Ellie you should check out glam and gore. Olivia Rose where do you get your paint and what brand is it. Mercedes Sutton What's the song in the introduction .
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Holly Ann Dupris where do you get elimiph plastic ellimacs sfx makeup You get it at :).
Caryn I feel like the barbed wire doesn’t really belong.
it just doesn’t feel like it adds anything and is out of place.
ellimacs sfx makeup Well, we talked about it and first we kinda figured we should have it dirty, like rust or something.
But it looks kinda cool with the “bling” factor of the clean one so we kept it.
But yeah, I can totally see where you’re coming from :).
TheDemonLilith Idea.
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Could you please do some kind of cosplay.
Maybe from league of legends.
It would be awesome ????❤️.
Nicole Seabolt I love your videos so much hey always inspire me.
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Pearl Jaym I wish I could upload a pic I’d show you the monster I turned my nephew into with Elliemorph plastic.
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yokai Hey, great vid.
But what runny blood do you recommend/use and what clotted blood do you recommend/use.
Thx have a great day.
Larissa wiseley could ye do the grinch next.
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Aldana Costamagna I can’t wait to put it in my movie.
Gilbert Rizk i used Ur techniques to do fake teeth for this Halloween!.
and it really worked !.
thank you.
im gonna buy more ellimorph plastic soon ❤️ Gilbert Rizk ellimacs sfx makeup thank you Soo much!.
ellimacs sfx makeup So glad it worked out for you.
We’re always happy to help making your creations reality.
Gilbert Rizk I’m gonna try the ellimorph dust for sure !.
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<3 xoxo. Makeup By Taylor Your top is so cute in your intro where did you get it. Silas Vaughn I'm not asking for a shoutout so please don't think I am, but I would like it if you would visit my instagram because I do some character paints all freehanded.

Its SilasVladimir so if you would check it out I’d really enjoy it

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NiKcKuCosplay Really cool video 😀 For my cosplays I used often “Worblas Deco Art”, but it´s only in white.
Do you know it.
It hink this are the same “bubbles” :-).
Illustrious Cabbage You can tip cut wire with a bit of clear liquid latex to make sure you don’t cut yourself on it.
Kimberly Dawn McKinney I really do love this, plus the added bonus of the powders coming.

.can’t wait because I love Ellimorph already

Not sure if I’m crazy about the twine to tie it on though I do appreciate the reuseability of it.
Thanks again for another great tutorial.
Kimberly Dawn McKinney And I love your top, too.
KT Hart how does one get a shout out.
Rebecca M.
isn’t elimorph dust just like flocking powder.
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Lynxcat1 It’s Emily I don’t know what paint they used, but I do know that you can remelt the plastic even after it’s painted.
Ranga Gang Also can you reuse ellimorph when it is painted.
Devin Casebeer hey guys.
I’ve been a fan of your show for awhile and it’s been a huge inspiration; which brings me to my point.

I’ve been trying to make a cyborg fabricator costume but I’m a bit out of my league

would you mind giving a new guy some hints.
Jennifer Webb thank you so much for teaching me can’t wait to try it.
(PLZ respond) ellimacs sfx makeup Don’t forget to share your creation with us so we can se how it turned out =).
joseph huston You should do a floran from starbound.

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