Today was update day:WordPress 4.2

Synonym Date Aug 28, 2020.
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A weblog about this site.
This site will change….

As you may have noticed I switched the comment sytem from WP to Disqus

It’s not that I like Disqus so much, .

It’s just a preliminary step for the change from WordPress to a static site generator

Probably Jekyll, maybe Hugo.
Not sure, yet.
I hope the transition will be finished in a couple of weeks.
Still have to figure out many things.
You find a development preview of the new site at and at http://static.hugo.dflect.netI’m tired of WordPress.– Tom Aside Dec 11, .

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Today was update day:WordPress 4.2.
Twenty Fifteen theme 1.1.
Everything went smoothly.
According to this support thread the WordPress update wasn’t hassle-free for some Twenty Fifteen users, but no issues here so far.

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