D&D One-Shots Done Right – Review: Uncaged

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D&D One-Shots Done Right – Review: Uncaged, volume 1.
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If there’s one thing that is like looking for a needle in a haystack, it’s decent one-shots for D&D 5th edition.

There are hundreds of them out there on DMs Guild

but picking through them to find those with good quality and the style of play that I like is a challenge.
After I spent last summer , I’ve kept D&D as a regular source of one-shot fun, particularly for newcomers to the hobby (read the posts linked above for my reasoning why I think D&D is right for this).
So, .

There’s (this review is of Volume 1 – there are now three more volumes)

From it’s own product description, it’s a set of folklore-themed adventures that “subvert tropes around female mythological creatures.” If that sounds a bit complex, in layman’s terms each adventure is focused around a female creature of myth, and does interesting stuff with them.
Because of this, though, it helps when you run it to try and embed the PCs into the adventure and setting a bit deeper – I’ve used when I’ve run them to make sure the PCs feel like they have a shared past.
It’s also a good opportunity to share out some of the fleshing out of the stuff that isn’t always in the adventures – in case they encounter some town guards, .

The PC who used to be in them can describe how the guards work in this city

There’s also quite a few bits where skills are tested and investigations take place.
This is an opportunity, if you’re inclined, to try out one of the skill challenge systems – how they are presented in each adventure varies.
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