BSoMT and Beyond (Blogs & Boardgames Websites)

BSoMT and Beyond.
BSoMT and Beyond (Blogs & Boardgames Websites).
oMT and Beyond.
…a collection of friends and acquantances with Blogs and Facebook groups & websites that ohighly recommend (most, if not all, .

All with certain solitairy interests) Blogs:

Beyond Solitair The Player’s Aid Clio’s Boardgames Katie’s Game Corner Inside GMT The Field Generals Man Overboard Jambalaya Plays Games Singlehandedly Shiney Happy Meeples Board Meetings Thematic Solitaires for the Spare Time Challenged This is a link to Morten Monrad Pedersen’s blog.
He’s the designer of solo modes for a number of renowned games such as the like of Viticulture, Scythe, and Gaia Project.

If you want a certain insight into the inner workings of the Automa Factory

this is definateley his/your blog Facebook Groups.
Board Chitles FB Group Wargamers FB Group Solo Boardgames’ FB Group Frank West’s The City of Kings FB group¬if_id=1516808364116807¬if_t=group_activity&ref=notif Rollingsolo Facebook Page

BSoMT and Beyond (Blogs & Boardgames Websites)

Follow BSoMT UKGE 2018 UK Games Expo 2018 Assembly Kickstarter Launch Assembly Kickstarter Dwarven Traders (2d6EE Games) Kickstarter Launch Dwarven Traders Kickstarter Launch Fella, Destroyer of Worlds Both Sides of My Table Unforseen event devistates the island.
Velcro the boardgame cat.
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