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Government-Grade High Security Printing

Government-Grade High Security Printing.
Government-Grade Printing for High-Security Applications    In today’s complex threat landscape, the onus to provide users with authentic products and documents has fallen on the world’s governments and brands.
At Ashton Potter, we offer government-grade high security printing and finishing capabilities that affix serialized, tamper-resistant elements to products and documents, stopping counterfeiting in its tracks and providing businesses greater visibility and control than ever before.

Tamper-Evident Printing Techniques and Capabilities

Counterfeiting and gray market diversions threaten the financial and social wellbeing of today’s global community.
Ashton Potter secures products and documentation via a range of high security printing solutions that encompass all levels of security—overt, covert, and forensic—and utilize a number of specialty inks, substrates, foils, and technologies.

Secure Product Design and Development

We work with your team to understand the scope of your needs, and then design and develop high security labels that comply with your standards.

Anti-Counterfeiting Print Solutions

Through overt, covert, and forensic techniques, we deliver custom print solutions that are designed to withstand even the most advanced counterfeiting attempts.
Security Printing & Finishing.
We offer the high security printing and finishing capabilities necessary to guarantee product and document authenticity, safety, integrity, and compliance.
Discover our techniques               High Security Printing for High Complexity Applications.
We offer advanced anti-counterfeiting printing and finishing capabilities that are used by today’s governments and brands for their most sensitive product and documentation needs.
Explore our suite of offerings.
Security Labels.
Customized Envelopes.
Tax, Revenue & Excise Stamps.
Stamp Products.
Secure Documents.
Financial Documents.

Delivering a High Security SaaS Solution
See how we pair our best-in-class printing capabilities with our advanced SaaS solution
Our Product Security Solution        A Deep History in High Security Printing

Learn about our 90+ year track record delivering scalable high security printing solutions for government-grade applications.

Our History             Contact Us


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